Orangutan Plays Stick Game with Dog Through Hole

I made a new animal friend at the zoo, so I always go and see them whenever my owner takes me! This new friend is an orangutan and even though he’s in an enclosure, we can still hang out! We play through the window, and my human will sometimes let me play for a whole hour. It’s always nice seeing his reaction to seeing me.

I met him almost a year ago. We just started playing through the glass, mirroring each other’s moves. It was instant friendship from there! We don’t always hear each other through the thick glass, but sometimes we’ll try to talk to each other too! He knows I live half an hour away and have just my human family, and I know that he has his parents, a sister and a nephew.

When I start playing, my human loves to start recording. They think it’s just so cute to see me playing with my orangutan buddy. Maybe one day I can convince her to let me inside so I can see my friend in person! We could play and talk for hours!

And let me tell you, orangutans are such clever creatures. My friend already figured out I like sticks, so instead of throwing the stick, they poke it through a little hole, so I can take it. It’s like he’s giving me a gift! Isn’t that something?

Orangutan Won’t Throw Stick

I wish we could play a game of fetch! It’d be so cool if they could let the orangutan out of the enclosure for just a little bit. Then he and I could play fetch for a while. But for now, all he can do is just poke the stick through the hole in the window.

It can be hard to create games through a window. Aside from mirroring each other’s moves, showing off our tricks and chasing each other along the window, there isn’t much else we can do. But that’s okay! I still have a lot of fun with him!

Sometimes, like today, we can use the hole in the glass to play games or hear each other more easily. It’s very useful that the zoo added this! Otherwise, we’d have even fewer ways to play and communicate. Sometimes we play tug-of-war, sometimes we exchange gifts (a stick for a stick or a leaf for a leaf), and some days we put our mouths on the hole and talk very loudly so we’re heard!

Orangutan is My Buddy at the Zoo

It’s always sad when I have to go. I can tell the orangutan wants to come with me, but my human still isn’t able to take him along. Maybe one day she’ll convince the zookeeper to take him home with us! We’d still visit a lot so he can see his family, but how cool would it be to play with him in-person.

One can only dream!