Nosy Dog Gets a Peep Hole to See Into Neighbor’s Yard

There’s this big block of wood that always prevents me from seeing my friends next door. I’m not really sure of its purpose. My neighbors seem to like me, so why won’t they let me come over whenever I want?!

One day, one of my human friends next door cut holes in the wood for me to be able to doggo watch them through the fence. It’s definitely not a perfect solution, but at least I can spy all day long now, and when I’m too tired from jumping, it’s perfect! I hope my neighbor friend isn’t fooled though… I will master my high jump over this ugly thing one day. Don’t you worry!

Today, I reallllllllly wanted to play. These holes just weren’t gonna cut it. It was a beautiful day and I heard one of my favorite noises in the world… SQUEAKY TOYS!

I start jumping, and to my DISMAY, my lazy friend next door was just lounging in the shade. I was barking at him to get up and get some darn exercise. Can you imagine the nerve? Just laying on his belly on this glorious day with an owner ready to deliver a shiny squeaky toy!!

If he wasn’t gonna get up and play, I certainly WAS!

So, I worked on practicing my high jump. If the humans are going to make things difficult for me, I just have to take things into my own paws.

I was soooo close this time. I could smell the plastic.

After a few attempts and one close call, I thought I had put in enough jumping practice for today. I didn’t wanna get hurt outjumping myself.

So, back to the darn holes it is…

The next day, I went back to it. Practicing my high jump. I’m so close… I can just smell the day that I’ll be able to make it over the fence and see my lazy friend. Stay tuned… you know I’ll update ya when I do! 🙂