Nervous & Excited Dog is Rescued From Shelter Into His Forever Home

Oh my goodness, today is finally the day! After two years at the rescue, I am finally finding my fur-ever home. I can’t believe it!

The people who are taking me in are really great from what I hear. My caretaker says there are two other dogs in the house (I get along really well with other dogs) and a little boy that I can run and play with! I hope he is big enough to take me on walks.

If he is big enough, we are going to go on so many walks together. I can’t wait to teach the little one how to run around and roll in the grass!

I don’t want my new parents to think I am a bad boy, so I am just sitting here patiently waiting like the good boy I am. I’m really heckin’ excited, but I’m trying to stay still.

Yesterday, my caretaker gave me a nice bath and sprayed me with this horrible flower-smelling stuff. She says that the hoomans will like it, but I don’t care for it if we’re being honest.

I can’t complain too much, though. I aim to please and if I have to smell like yucky flowers then I guess that is what it takes! Now I gotta work on my facial expressions. Too excited? Not excited enough? I’m so nervous.

Finally I am free at last! I wanted to walk slowly to show my new hoomans that I am a good, leash-trained boy and a non-borker. But I couldn’t help myself!

We are going to do so much fun stuff when we get to my new home. I wonder what kind of car they drive? Is there plenty of window space?

Every good boy deserves a nice back seat to relax in and a big window to hang his head out of. I’m not going to be too upset if they don’t have one, because I’m sure they’re still good people.

Wow, I never thought I would see this side of the rescue ever again! The air smells so much sweeter out here. And it sounds like freedom!

After all this time, I am a free boy. I’m trying so hard not to bork, but I can feel a bork coming on!

I hope they won’t judge me for this, because I am usually not a borker I promise. I am a good, quiet boy on most days.

But today? Today is the first day of the rest of my life. And I think that definitely deserves a nice, big, excited bork!