Naughty Dog is Caught Getting into the Trash But Denies It

Don’t look at me, Mom. I’m hideous!

Okay, actually no. I’m adorable. Like always. But I got this dang plastic thing around my neck!

You might be wondering how it got here. It’s a funny story, Mom, really. Let me tell ya.

As you know, you recently left the house. I wasn’t worried because I knew you would be right back. But then…um…well, then I heard this noise coming from the bathroom. So, I decided to go investigate.

Wouldn’t you know, there was a huge…uh…umm…mouse. Yeah, a MOUSE! It was scurrying around all over the bathroom floor. As soon as it saw me it decided to JUMP into the trash can and hide.

Well. I wasn’t about to let a little mouse get stuck in there. So, being the excellent dog I am, I went over and stuffed my nose in there to try to help get the mouse out.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But what about all the trash that’s been nibbled on?” Well, that was the mouse!

Okay, it was me. But it was an accident. Some trash just fell into my mouth while I was talking to the mouse and trying to convince it to jump into my nose so I could pull it out of there.

Anyway, after I *accidentally* nibbled on some trash and the mouse finally jumped onto my nose, I went to pull my head out of the trash can…but I was stuck! I pulled so hard that the lid came off the bin. Now, here I am left with this weird-looking collar and the mouse ran away. He didn’t even say thank you. SHEESH!


…You don’t believe me, do you Mom?

Fine. Real talk. I love trash. I just LOVE trash.

There. I said it! I honestly don’t know why you guys throw away tissues with boogers on them and minty floss and hair. It all smells so good!

Would I stick my head in the trash can of doom just to get me some snacks again? You BET I would! But something tells me my human mama doesn’t want to have to deal with this again.

So, if you’re like her and wanting to keep your dog from raiding the trash can (er…I mean, sticking their head into the trash can to save a mouse…), then these tips may help:

  • Sometimes we raid trash cans because we’re looking for something fun to do or because we’re hungry! So, make sure your doggies are well-fed and well-entertained.
  • Buy trash cans with firm lids that are hard for dogs to open.
  • If you have to, put baby gates around your trash cans or put them in rooms (with closed doors) that we can’t get to.