My 10 Favorite Dog Comics That Make Me Chuckle

Everyone needs a laugh now and then. I enjoy looking at the Sunday funnies. Here are some of my favorite comics:

1. I was so nervous during my IRS audit. I filled out my tax forms the best I could, but the auditor said they couldn’t read it. That’s why the IRS picked me for an audit. It isn’t easy to hold a pen in my paw.

dog audit cartoon


2. My human family is alert and attentive, but some people are clueless. Fortunately, these dogs work together as a team.

dog tree cartoon


3. The indoor potty is so convenient on windy, snowy days. The humans make it sparkly and colorful. They even install lights so that we can see it in the dark.

two dogs christmas


4. Yes, sometimes our fur coats become too hot (and heavy). For some breeds, taking us to the groomer is very important.

dog doctor vet cartoon


5. That dog has been training for months. I can’t wait for a Dog Marathon. It would be so exciting. If I enter, I will pretend I’m chasing a hamburger delivery person.

dog marathon cartoon


6. Sometimes I gobble my food, sometimes I savor it. It depends on the flavor. I hope these dogs work it out and stay friends.

two dogs food comic


7. I am guessing this dog gets more attention and treats when his human is happy.

dog newspaper comic


8. This young pup receives some parental advice from his father. His dad gives sound advice, in my opinion. Keep those flowers watered.

dog son flowers comic


9. Some dog breeds love to work. I think I would enjoy driving a tractor. I hope I don’t need a driver’s license for a tractor. I’m not sure I could pass the parallel parking portion of the test.

farm dog help comic


10. This driver emulates his dog’s carefree lifestyle. Not a safe thing for the driver to do. I like feeling the wind on my face and ears, but the driver should keep his eyes on the road.

dog taking wheel