Mom Laughs Uncontrollably When Dog Wears Chewbacca Mask

I know I’m many things. A great fetcher, a good digger of holes, and a world-class bacon eater! I’ve got many skills, but apparently I have one more: doggie comedian. The best part? I don’t even try to be funny. I just am! My humans find it funniest when I’m in a costume. My humans’ favorite is when I wear their human pup’s Chewbacca mask. I have to admit. It’s pretty funny!

It’s a good thing I find the mask comfy to wear, otherwise I’d probably lose my mind wearing it every day! Not a day goes by where one of my humans doesn’t ask me to wear the mask for a little bit. And I just can’t say no to those cute faces, so I just HAVE to agree!

I’m a gigantic fan of the Star Wars movies, too! I saw the original trilogy when I was a pup, like six years ago. Such a long time ago, but I still remember it! And I gotta say, Chewbacca has become one of my favorites. He becomes a respected pilot and hero, and travels all over the galaxy. I wonder if dogs will ever be able to become pilots – or even astronauts! That’d be amazing.

I’m a Wookie Doggie

I gotta say, I think this Chewbacca mask looks great on me. Hey! I just thought of something else. Chewbacca is furry all over. You know who else is furry all over! Yours truly! He also has sharp teeth, just like me! I guess I see another reason why my family loves when I wear this mask. I’m practically his clone!

You know what else I’ve realized? Chewy has his own special language – he doesn’t talk like humans! He makes these noises, and that’s it. You know who else doesn’t talk like a human? Who has to use their own noises and growls to communicate with people? That’s right: me! Oh wow, the more I think about it, the more I realize we have more in common. Best part? This Chewbacca mask is electronic, so whenever I move my mouth I can mimic the sounds Chewy made. Do all these similarities make me an honorary Wookie?

My Mom Can’t Stop Laughing

Oh boy, I love when my dress-up makes my family so happy! My human mom has been laughing so hard since she saw me wearing the Chewbacca mask. She’s having so much fun. She just keeps laughing! I’m so happy that she’s happy. My tail is even starting to wag because it feels so good to make my mom laugh.

Okay, I was reluctant at first, but I have to admit… the mask is pretty funny. It’s really fun playing dress-up! You know what? I think I’m gonna wear the mask around the house all day today to keep my mom happy.