Men Rescue Dog From Rushing Water After Hurricane

Dogs know how to swim instinctively, don’t they? I mean, where d’you think the name ‘doggy paddle’ comes from?

And I can. I really can swim. When I was a puppy, my master took me into the water with him to see if I could swim. And I did. I swam right along with him to the side.

When you’ve got a whole flood coming at you, it’s not quite so easy to swim, though.

I don’t think that even my master could swim in this. Look at all those humans. There are lots of them. And the guy coming to me is even tied on.

They’re all here to help me, and they’re not even my humans.

I am stuck here, in the flood, because I just didn’t see the water coming. We had LOTS of rain, but never enough to cause a flood. Never enough to sweep things and humans – and dogs – away.

I think my human was trying to warn me about the flood, when he shouted at me. I was so excited to be running around, though. I never heard him properly.

I am very scared now. Earlier, I was terrified. Now I can see some humans coming. But…

What happens if they can’t help me? What happens if they don’t reach me in time? What happens if this branch breaks? What happens if I just can’t hold on?

This water is  cold – and it’s getting colder. My fur is soaking and I feel like I’ve got water in my brain.

Hey! Look! The human at the end of the rope is here! I can feel my legs giving way. If they do, I will just be swept away. Not when he’s so near.

Yay! The human has me!

Even though the water is strong, he can still walk. It must also be his friends pulling him in.

It’s not very comfortable being squashed under one arm. The water is still strong and I’m scared it will go over my head and pull me in.

And then the human’s feet are on land. We did it! He did it! I’m out of the water.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thanks to the humans who came to get me. Thanks to all of you.

I can go and find my human now. And I don’t think I ever want to swim again!

Those men are my heroes forever.