Massive Newfoundland Thinks He’s A Tiny Lap Dog

All of us have our favorite nook in the home that is ours alone. It’s the place we’d want to curl up with a good book and never move from, or at least until our issues or bad weather pass by.

In the same way, dogs are similar to humans. Our loving pets, like our own, have a safe haven where they love to sit and wait for us to show them affection. We might give them the most comfortable beds or let them sleep on feathers, but they will still climb onto our beds or nap on the cat bed when they get the chance.

This Newfoundalnd dog named Boss is such a loving pup! He loves to give lots of hugs and kisses to his family but we don’t think he realizes how big he actually is. The most recent example being when my friend’s dad picked him up from the airport, they were driving home while sitting in traffic together when all of sudden…Bam! There was this huge brown furry monster climbing on top or Dad’s lap giving them both these amazing backrubs (love those!) before finally realizing what had happened-out spoke + confused face = priceless moment). You could tell that his owner was happy to see how much affection he wanted to give. It makes us think that maybe this giant pup thinks he’s a lap dog…

Newfoundland Dog

The owners of this big baby named Boss must be the luckiest people alive! Not only because they have such an amazing and loving Newfoundland, but also because their pup is so comfy cozy! He loves to be cuddled and loved on.

Who doesn’t love a good snuggle with their pooch?! Although the dog may not know his own size, Boss knows that he has one BIG heart of gold!

Newfoundland Dog

Boss is a huge dog, but he would never harm a feather. He’s concerned about everyone and simply wants to share his love with the world. This is such an amazing thing. Boss is without a doubt the greatest snuggle buddy ever! What an incredible bond these two have. Due to the unending affection and care of her pet dog, Boss loves to cuddle with his owner. This breed of dog is very lovable and affectionate. They’re very gentle, friendly and adaptable. The Newfoundland makes a good family pet as they love children and are peaceful with other dogs or pets that live in their home.

They do well in colder climates due to their thick coat! If you’re from a colder environment and you’re looking to add a furry friend to your home, be sure to adopt a Newfoundland. They love nothing more than being wrapped in a warm blanket with their favorite humans! They have an urge to spend time with their family at all times so this makes them perfect quality pets.

Newfoundland Dog

This video just demonstrates how much our pets rely on us and that there is no end to their devotion. As Boss’s owner sits down on the armchair, her devoted dog appears shortly afterward.

It’s possible that she’ll move around after getting up and switching seats, but we’re confident that her pup will follow her to her new sitting posture. He is only ready to let go of his human and mind his own business once she gives him a hug and pats him on the back.

Newfoundland Dog

Have you had an honest talk with your dog about its preferences? We all know that dogs are delightful precious beings, and we understand that most of them can be quickly pleased with a treat, a toy, or a walk in the park. Despite there being dogs who are so stubborn that nothing may sate their desire to live. The Newfoundland is a loyal and obedient dog.

This is proof of how dogs can be just like our human friends, we all have the need to feel loved! This big lad is more than happy to get up on his owner’s lap and get a cuddle! I’m sure that there’s many of us who would love their very own lap dog if they could.

Newfoundland Dog

“The temperament of a Newfoundland is said to be sweet,” according to the adage. It’s easy to train and likes being around people. Nana, the dog from Peter Pan who watched over the Darling children, was perhaps the most well-known Newfoundland. Most owners feel that Nannies are natural babysitters who take care of their charges without even being asked.

Just from watching this clip you can tell that Boss is a very well-behaved pup and adores his owner, he just never wants to be too far away! Just like many other breeds of dogs, the Newfoundland will look after your family for life! What a great breed of pooch to have in your home.