Puppy Is Reunited With The Firefighter Who Saved Her From Abuse

Firefighter Mike Thawley found a sick Pit Bull tied up and in the rain. He saved her and took her to an animal shelter for some TLC. He returned the next day to check on her and the sweet pup named Chunkie was happy to see him as you can see in this video. He is negotiating to foster her.

We love our human owners, no matter what the weather looks like outside. But when the wintertime hits and the snow piles up, it can be hard to stay healthy and playful if left outside.

It’s illegal to leave a dog chained out in the cold in many states around the U.S. Honestly, we can’t imagine why you would want to do that to us in the first place! For one thing, dogs aren’t equipped to last for long periods of time outside in inclement conditions (unless we’re a specific breed, but even that’s tough). For another, we love you so much! We don’t want to be apart from you ever, and if you are going to put us in a position where we have to freeze AND be away from you, it’s gonna make us super sad!

A couple of really cool humans passed laws a few years ago that say dogs can’t be left outside for long periods of time during winter. This means we can be closer to you (and a whole lot more comfortable) all season long! Here is a list of the laws by state.

Some dogs who prefer to remain outdoor pups still have the option to be the king of the castle. These canines just need a safe place to go in order to weather the winter storms and winds that strike during the colder months.

If you really want us to stay outdoors, you’ll need to give us a little bit of a helping hand! Protect yourself and us by providing:

  • A well built doghouse or protective shelter.
  • An insulated bed, like hay, cotton, or blanket. We want a cozy doghouse just like you do!
  • Access to food and water. As long as it can’t be frozen or spoiled, we’ll be good to go!

We know you humans love us very much, and want to take really good care of us as pet parents! These five pups just wanted to drop by and remind you of why it’s illegal to leave a dog chained out in the cold. Let’s take a look at what they want to say!

1. “I might look super cute and really fluffy, but there’s no way my thick coat will hold up in these conditions!”
dog on chain

2. “Remember, if it’s too cold outside for you to be comfortable, it’s way too cold for us, too!”
dog on chain

3. “I sure don’t like sitting in ice and snow. Imagine if you had to do this for eight hours or more!”
dog on chain

4. “I might be an outdoor dog, but my humans made sure to build me a dog house to shelter me from wind, rain, snow, and other bad weather. Now I can be comfortable no matter what the weather looks like!”
dog chained in the snow

5. “I love protecting my human’s home from bad people and animals, and they thank me by giving tons of love and care in return. I can get to a warm place anytime I want to!”
german shepherd on chain