Loving Yorkie Pets Dad’s Face to Help Him Fall Asleep

Pets are great! They’re just the absolute best!

And no, I don’t mean four-legged animal buddies (although those are pretty incredible, too), I mean those fun gestures where you pat your buddy on the head or ears. It feels sooooo good! I can’t think of a better feeling in the world than getting pet. That’s why I beg for pets multiple times a day! They always relax me and make me feel calm, even when I feel anxious because I haven’t had a chance to run around yet. Why don’t humans do that to each other?

Well, I noticed that humans didn’t really do it, so I decided to fix that! My human is so hardworking and tired all the time, so I figured they were in need of a pet! And the first time they did it they really seemed to like it!

My Human’s Face Is Quite Soft

My human was so happy when I did it! She was laughing and smiling, and even gave me a kiss! That’s when I knew she really appreciated it when I did that, so I made it a point to do it more often! When she was sleepy, when she looks stressed out, or even when we’re just having a good dayI It always boosts our moods whenever I do it.

I mean, I can see why she’d like it. Why wouldn’t a dog petting your face help you sleep? Maybe this could be a new thing for all dogs! I’m telling you, this would change the world and dog-human relationships for the rest of time.

Did I just become a trendsetter? I have no idea, but I sure hope so. I want this to be a thing!

My Mom Rewarded Me With a Kiss

Whenever I pet my mom when she’s sleepy, she instantly starts falling asleep. It always makes me happy to see how my petting has helped her! I know that when she gives me headpats it helps me fall asleep quickly too.

I Must Continue the Petting

What’s tough about petting is that your paw gets. So. Tired. It’s not like human arms, that are built to do all kinds of differen stuff. Dog paws are for walking and running and jumping. Petting was not part of our skillset, so sometimes I need a helping hand to get me going again.

That’s probably why this hasn’t taken off so much. Dog paws can get tired! I can only imaging dogs with claws or super big paws also have to be extra careful so they don’t hurt their human. Hmmmm, maybe I should start with a tutorial first? A video how-to on proper human petting? Then we can work our way up to more advanced techniques like long-term petting.

My Mom Is Laughing for Some Reason

The petting also makes humans laugh, that’s something I have to include in my guide videos too. I see humans laughing when they see cute things, like human pups or other animals, so maybe that’s why she laughs?

Either way, I think this has the potential to become a really big trend across all breeds and families. I hope it does!