Lola the King Charles Spaniel Dog Kisses Bunny Friend

Most everyone knows that dogs are a man’s (and a woman’s) best friends. I like people too, but look at this new furry friend I found! She is amazing and special. I always want to be by her side.

I’m not totally sure what she is, but I hear my human saying she’s a bunny? What’s a bunny? Do we think she’s funny? I haven’t heard much out of her yet…

Either way, she sure is a beautiful fluff ball.

I think she’s really feeling the chemistry, and I was wondering if she’d reciprocate my feelings, so I figured, why not try a lick!

Mmmmm, she sure is tasty!

Oh no. Retreat. She didn’t like the lick.

That death stare… where do I go from here?

I guess I’ll stick to kissing my dear pup friends. I mean, I do think this bunny could be more ‘ppreciative of my lovin’. I did all the lickin’ so she doesn’t even need to groom herself! A little thanks is all I’m asking for…

Oooph, after that awkward encounter, I needed to dig my paws and do some research on this bunny thing. Here’s what I found, to hopefully save my friends from any awkward bunny encounters like mine!

  • These bunnies like their sweets – I guess just wasn’t sweet enough for this gal, sighhhhh.
  • Bunnies are social, but apparently, they’d prefer to date other bunnies, double sighhhhh.
  • Apparently, bunny isn’t its real name! How’s a pup to know?!
  • These fluffy friends can see almost 360 degrees around – I gotta watch my back!
  • Bunnies are fast little guys. I guess I gotta stay laying on top of her if I want her to cuddle with me!

I think there’s potential for bunnies. I’m not gonna give up on her just yet after all.