Little Dog Gets Mad at Dad for Farting in His Face

I think there is something wrong with my nose.

Every night my human lies on the couch watching tv. I lie next to him. I like snuggling where it’s warm. He also lets me share his snacks.

I like my human. He’s kind to me. He feeds me really well and takes me walking in the park. Sometimes, my human sneaks me into a coffee shop. He likes to share his cake with me.

Last night, something happened. I was lying on the couch with my human when there was suddenly a stink in the air. I tried to ignore it, but it was really strong.

Then I realized what it was. There wasn’t anything wrong with my nose.  My human was farting.

It sounds like he’s laughing about it, too…. does he have no respect for me, or worse, himself? I hope he doesn’t do this around his other friends! They might not be as loyal as me. Who’s gonna keep hanging around this smelly, loud guy?

I lay there, trying not to think about it. If I didn’t concentrate on the smell, maybe it would go away.

You try to ignore a fart that happened right next to you! I don’t have a very sensitive nose. I’m not one of those dogs that can track a scent. I was never going to be a police dog.

But this was really strong.

I settled down again. At least, I tried to.

I managed to ignore the smell for a bit. I was missing my tv show and wanted some more of my human’s snacks.

Then he did it again. Seriously?! The nerve of my human today. Just laughing at me in my misery. I guess it’s a game to him. And I loooove beating my human at games!

Does he think he can win this new game that easily? He just lay there farting and did nothing about it. No respect! But I decided that I wasn’t going to be driven away.

I decided that to beat him in this new game next time, I will just need to learn to toot myself! I bet I can out-fart him. He thinks he has me this time, but until next time, Mr. human. I’ll be working on my game…