Lazy Pooch Won’t Budge From Bed, Then Owner Shouts ‘Squirrel’

Max is comfy on the bed and his human even tries to bribe him with a treat to get off, but he’s not interested. Then the way he reacts to hearing “squirrel.”

Can Dogs And Squirrels Be Friends?

Yes, dogs and squirrels can be friends. Dogs are often bred to be companions to humans, so they naturally enjoy the company of other animals. Squirrels are also intelligent and curious animals, so they’re likely to be drawn to dogs who are friendly and playful.

The key to maintaining a friendship between a dog and a squirrel is for both animals to be comfortable around each other. Owners should always supervise their dog when it’s around squirrels, as there is always the potential for things to go wrong if either animal becomes scared or aggressive. With proper supervision, however, dogs and squirrels can make great friends!

Dogs are typically highly interested in squirrels and love to bark and chase them, but as long as the squirrel doesn’t feel threatened, they will usually just ignore the dog. In fact, a lot of times the dog will eventually get bored of chasing the squirrel and give up.

dog chasing squirrel

Why Do Dogs Chase Squirrels?

There could be a few reasons why dogs chase squirrels. One possibility is that dogs may be chasing squirrels because they see them as potential prey.

In addition, many dogs may simply enjoy chasing and running after things, and squirrels provide an interesting target. Finally, some experts believe that dogs may be chasing squirrels as a way to exercise and burn off energy.

person feeding squirrel

Some people believe that dogs are just naturally curious and enjoy the hunt, while others think that they’re actually trying to herd the squirrels. Still others believe that the reason dogs chase squirrels is because they’re trying to get them away from their territory.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that dogs enjoy chasing squirrels!

dog looking up at squirrels

Why Do Dogs React To Squirrel?

Dogs react to squirrels because they are natural prey for the dogs. Squirrels represent a challenge to the dog, as they are nimble and fast, which ignites the instinctual response in dogs to chase and catch their prey. Additionally, squirrels can be quite loud when scampering through trees, which again catches the attention of dogs.

Dogs may react to squirrels because they are instinctually programmed to chase anything that is small and furry. Squirrels are common in many areas and can be an easy prey for dogs. In addition, the act of chasing may bring some excitement and fun to a dog’s day.

squirrel in tree

One theory is that dogs react to squirrels because they represent a predator. Squirrels are fast and agile, and can be difficult to catch. They also eat a lot of nuts, which are high in protein and fat. So they provide a good source of nutrition for predators.

Another theory is that dogs react to squirrels because they represent prey. Squirrels are small and easily intimidated, so they may be seen as an easy meal for predators.

dog digging for chipmunks

Either way, it’s likely that dogs react to squirrels because of their predatory instincts.

In some cases dogs and squirrels can be friends. It all depends on the personalities of both animals. If a dog is very territorial or aggressive around small animals, it’s probably not a good idea to leave them together unsupervised.