Kitten Can’t Stop Batting and Playing with Wagging Dog Tail

Ever since my mom brought this little furball home she’s been nothing but trouble! Constantly trying to climb in my bed, following me around everywhere, and stealing all of my attention.

I’m at my breaking point and I can’t handle it much longer, so I’ve started to just ignore her. If I pretend she doesn’t exist, maybe she will just go away. Right? Right?

I was sitting there trying to get my treat and, of course, she had to come in and try to steal the show. It’s a never-ending battle with her. But you know what? I’m okay with that.

I have the stamina and perseverance of a lion. She will not win.

I decided to sit on her head to show her who the boss was, but apparently, that didn’t phase her…

How do these humans not see what she is doing? She’s got a paw full of those sharp claws and she’s attacking me with them! Are they really just going to let this happen?

Oh well. I’m here for my treat and I’m not leaving until I get it. I don’t care how much she claws my tail. I’m about to just start smacking her with it!

Although, my perseverance is slowly starting to fade away…

If she wants to play dirty, I’ll play dirty. Let’s see how she likes being sat on! At least this way she won’t be able to swat my tail anymore.

I am hoping she starts to take the hint, but if history repeats itself, she’s not going to care.

And my humans? They’re still laughing about all this. I wish I knew what was so funny.

She is literally riding my tail at this point. My ability to ignore this cannot continue. I am not a free roller coaster for this cat!

I’m putting on my best puppy face in hopes that my human will just give me the dang treat so I can leave.

I’m angry enough that I’m about to go poop in her closet.

I’ll just blame it on the cat.

My human finally gives me the treat and I have had enough. I’m outta here!

You can see the cat is still eyeing my tail as if it is her new toy. I’m not sure what I did to deserve this.

My life was great up until that cat came into my house. Ever since then, it’s been nothing but heartache.

I’m putting myself up for adoption. I can’t take another day of this!