King of the Mountain

I previously shared my love of snow in my Snow Day post, so imagine my excitement when my neighborhood got 14″ of snow dumped on it!

It took FOREVER for mom and dad to get the kids in their snow gear, but once they were suited up and ready to go it was time to head outside!

Here I am surveying my domain. I am king of all that I can see.

The kids love to sled into the ditch in front of our house. I really don’t get the attraction to feeling out of control while you hurtle down a steep incline. No way am I ever going to do that!

Come on, mom! Don’t worry guys, I didn’t actually go down the hill, I let mom know my musings on gravity-fed sports so she let me abstain.

I prefer intellectual pursuits outdoors that are more creative in nature: creating yellow snow, brown piles of poo artfully arranged, aesthetically pleasing dirt scratchings, and snowman building with my family. It is my hope that this, too, will result in some yellow snow.

What’s that I see? Fresh unadulterated snow?!??!?! I must go frolic in it!

Wheeeee! Can you believe this is central North Carolina? It looks like I’m in the wilds of Montana. Ah, Montana, I’d love to go there. My family went and left me home, I was really sad about that but I have enjoyed the pretty pictures.

All of this exertion builds an appetite. It wasn’t breakfast or dinner time so my mom gave me a little treat. I love snack time! Today she gave me some Newman’s Own Snack Sticks in Salmon flavor. As a philanthropist I can appreciate that this brand gives all profits to charity. The fact that it is made in the USA is also something that appeals to my patriotic side. My parents like that they’re grain free and they taste wonderful so we all win!

Arrrgh….yup, this sure tastes good! Don’t blink or it will be gone!

See, I told you. That would be my only negative review- they don’t last long enough and I’m not allowed to eat 10 at a time.

That was so delicious, I’m going to lick my lips again. Wait- my tongue is stuck to my nose. Guys, I need some warm water here!