Kangaroo Gives Kisses To His Dog Friend

Getting outside and playing is so much fun! Digging holes, fetching sticks, playing frisbee – the possibilities are endless! The only downside? You get SUPER dirty. And waiting for a bath can be a huge hassle. You have to wait for humans to get out a pool or fill the tub with water, they have to get your shampoo and a sponge… talk about a long wait! And all the while you’re itchy and sticky and smelly.

So I take matters into my own hands whenever I can. Sometimes I’ll jump in puddles, and other times I’ll run outside in the rain. My humans are never too happy, because I never use soap when I do this, but it at least gets the dirt off!

But the best baths are when I have other animals to help out. In fact, some time ago, a kangaroo helped me get my teeth all cleaned up!

I Hardly Clean My Teeth

See, I’m a dog, and we doggos can’t really use a toothbrush and toothpaste the way humans can. We don’t have the tools you guys have. Sure, we have chew sticks that help, but how often can we poke around in our mouths and check that everything’s all clean? I’ll tell you: not often!

So when a kangaroo buddy offered to give me a dental check, I happily agreed!

He saw me chewing on some sticks, which I do to help clean my teeth when I don’t have any of my special chew sticks. It’s probably not the best alternative, but hey! It gets those pesky bits of food out from between my teeth!

The Cleaning Got a Bit Too Rough

Now, my kangaroo friend is not a licensed dentist at all! Not for humans, and not for animals. So that means he didn’t have a great idea of what to look for. I was still appreciative, but man I did not like having my gums poked like that! Is that what you humans have to deal with every time you visit the dentist?

I tried to tell him to loosen up, but he was so in the zone, I don’t think he heard me.

I Got Frustrated with the Cleaning

I sadly ended up having to end the appointment early. Maybe my teeth were extra dirty, or maybe I don’t have great pain tolerance, but my buddy was just a bit too strong for me. I told him that maybe he could bring some tools to help him, like the human dentists, but thinking back that might’ve been a bad idea. I think next time I just need to see a real vet!

My buddy still didn’t quite hear me, which just made things more awkward, let me tell you.

Though, to be fair, I think he did a decent job overall!

I’m Done with the Cleaning

I know my friend was trying his absolute best to clean me up, but I had to abort the cleaning. I know we’ll try again another day, but for the time being I had to stop. And trust me, I had plenty of dental chewing sticks the minute I got back home. Best to prepare as much as possible before my next cleaning!

Maybe next time he could use some gloves, too. Who knows where those paws had been!