Jealous Great Dane Throws Tantrum When Brother Gets Pets From Dad

Have you ever felt like you’re always in second place? That someone else is always the star of the show? That’s how things are with me and Ro-Ro.

He’s my brother, and I love him, but he is always taking the attention off of me.

Saturdays are family nights, and of course, Ro-Ro is getting all of the attention (again).

I’ve had about enough of this, so I start complaining. Ro-Ro has been getting head pats for the last five minutes and now it’s my turn!

I tell my dad it just isn’t fair, but he doesn’t seem to want to listen to me. He tells me to get back on the couch, but I am a fierce doggy and I will not listen!

How can he not see how hurt I am? And why is Ro-Ro sitting there soaking up all of my attention?

Betrayed by my own brother. This is so depressing, maybe someone will make a sad movie about me or even write a song…

We can call it “The Neglected Dog: Tale of Torment”.

At least Ro-Ro seems to realize how unfair this is. I assume he is hanging his head in shame and not in comfort.

I am still not going to forgive him for this! He should be the one rejecting my dad’s head pats. This is all Ro-Ro’s fault.

I was here first, anyways. Who does this guy think he is?

And my mom is just sitting over there laughing at me! Does no one in this family even love me anymore?

At this point, I can’t go on any longer. The depression is sinking in. I start to wonder… Will I ever be loved again? Will Ro-Ro get head pats for eternity while I’m cast aside like chopped liver?

My whole family has turned on me! Ro-Ro sits there being pet without any remorse. Dad is yelling at me to stay on the couch. Mom is laughing…

The light has faded from my soul, I don’t think I can take another step. I can hear dramatic music playing in the background as reality sets in.

You know what? I’m going to poop on his work boots. Maybe next time he will think before he ignores me for Ro-Ro. And if mom keeps laughing, I’m going for her Louis Vuitton next!