Incredible Dog Transformation – With a Lot of Love Dog Finds a Forever Home

Growing up in forests was great – but crazy! It was a struggle to get food, and I usually had to sleep on leaves or under bridges. And don’t get me started on when it would rain or snow! My coat is thick, but it was nice when I was able to find a source of heating outside. Wish I could’ve crawled into car engines like my mouse buddies could! I mostly survived using my instincts, helping me catch some food and finding other food that humans didn’t want.

I lived that way my whole life. I was born and raised in the wild, and my siblings traveled far away for better opportunities. I stayed here, and befriended the local wildlife. But as more of my friends found mates and started their own families, my network dwindled, and it became even harder to find food and shelter.

That’s when I met my human. Humans are such cool creatures. They take care of each other, always have fresh food ready to eat, and their houses are so warm! Wow, who knew I was missing out? I hope my brothers and sisters were able to find places like this.

How I Met My Human

I met my human totally by chance. I was looking for leftovers at one of the local fast food joints, and I see a big guy get out of his van and take a look at me. I was so scared! I didn’t know why. I guess because I don’t have much experience with humans, so I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. Sure, I’d seen humans with dogs, but they were like family! How would humans treat a strange dog they’d never met before?

But he was so nice! He petted me and gave me fresh food that was safe for me to eat. Then he took me in his van! Oh boy was I scared, but it turns out he runs a shelter. Talk about a surprise! In the days after I was given all kinds of shots and medicine to make sure I’m healthy, and now I get yummy dog food and clean water several times a day! No more eating snow or drinking the rain.

I have more friends too! Some of my wildlife friends have come to visit, but now I’ve met other dogs, too! It’s so cool meeting animals that speak the same language and had a similar story as mine. I feel like I belong – and now I can see if another human wants to adopt me!

I’m honestly okay with whatever happens. The guy that runs the shelter is super nice, and I have all kinds of friends and lots of room to run around. But it would also be cool to be adopted into a family that will have all their attention on me. I’m just happy to have a roof over my head!

I Love My New Family

And now I have a furever home. I am so happy!! It was a lot of waiting, but finally my new family saw me and decided they wanted to take me home! And they’re just as nice as the shelter guy. They give me lots of food and toys, and whenever they have to leave me alone, they always have music or the TV playing so I’m not bored. It’s so fun! They even have some human pups that I can play with while they make dinner.

I also still get to see my wildlife friends from time to time. It’s so nice that we’ve all been able to find our families!