Little Dog Leads a Big Cow for a Daily Walk Around the Farm

Farmers are some of the hardest working folks you’ll ever meet! Think about it: they get up at the crack of dawn and get right to work! They take care of their animals, grow food and get produce ready to sell. If that isn’t the definition of a hard worker, I don’t know what is!

And us farmer doggies try to help out wherever we can! Don’t think that the humans do all the work – if you’re a dog on a farm, there are tons of things for you to do. Me, for example? I help with herding the sheep, chasing away stray cats, and digging holes for rain to drain into. If you’re an extra-smart dog (like me!) you could even help lead Rosie the cow home!

That’s probably the most important job for a farm dog. Cows are hugely important to a farm! They help make milk and cheese, and their manure makes great fertilizer. So it’s super important that they never get hurt or get scared and try to run away. It took a looooooong time for me to get my human and Rosie’s trust, so I work very hard to keep that trust! The trick is to not get too close and just hold the rope. That way, you can pull Rosie in the right direction without hurting her. She’s so sweet and good-natured, so I want to make sure she gets home just fine every time!

Normally I have to take Rosie back after she’s been grazing in the fields all day. She’s usually so tired from chewing all that grass, and needs to take a rest. I would get tired, too, if I had to eat that much! But you gotta do what you gotta do to stay full, Rosie. I’m sure the four stomachs all cows have help, too. If I had four stomachs, it means I could eat as many doggie treats as I wanted!

If I don’t move fast enough Rosie definitely lets me know! She’ll let out a big, loud “moo” to tell me that she wants to go home.

Going for a Walk With Rosie, the Cow

My human usually ties the rope around Rosie in the morning, so I can just grab it when it’s time to lead her. It’s a long and strong rope, so that it doesn’t snap while we do this. I always pick up the rope with my mouth – trust me, paws don’t do the job!

Rosie knows the way home by now, so as long as I don’t let her go wherever she wants, we should be okay! I may not even need to use the rope! But I will, just to be safe. The last thing I want to do is explain to my human why our most valuable cow is off chatting up the horses instead of resting in her barn.

Rosie is so big I have to run in the grass to keep up with her, even though she’s walking slowly! It’s because she has long legs while my legs are short. She was built to stand for lots of time!

Whenever I do this, I make sure I stay in front of her, because that’s the right way to lead a cow home. I’m so glad Rosie trusts me! She can count on me to get her home safely. It’s a short walk, too, so we’re usually done in just a few minutes. Just gotta make sure she doesn’t start gossiping with her hen friends before she’s off to get milked!

I’m Going to Walk Rosie Every Day

The walks always go very well. It’s my top priority to get Rosie to the barn safe and sound, and it’s a good feeling every time I do. It’s actually pretty fun leading Rosie home, and I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow. My human will be so proud of me!

It’s so nice to be more useful around here. I think I’ve made farm life a little bit easier for my human – even indoors! I fetch all the sticks and balls my human accidentally throws, and I even fetch their shoes for them. If I find anything else in the house that looks interesting, I will fetch it for my human because I like pleasing them. I have the best job in the world!