I Was Here First! Comfy Dog Refuses to Move

Mmmm-mmm! Nothing is better than finding a good sweet spot. The perfect groove in a couch, the spot on the carpet just close enough to the heater, or the best spot in the bed. Whenever you find one of these extra-cozy spots, it feels magical. Add some good TV and good company, and you have a recipe for a perfect night in.

And who would want to give that up?!

So, I live with a couple of humans. One’s a he and the other’s a she. They’re really nice people, and normally I enjoy sleeping in my doggy bed by their bed.

Buuuuuut I’ll admit I tend to steal a spot if one of them is gone for too long. Looks like this time it was the lady who stayed away for too long. Sorry, girl! Finders keepers, losers weepers.

Oh, she’s got a camera? Does she think she can shame me into moving? Sorry Charlie, the sports highlights are on, and this spot is just too good to give up without a fight. Poke and record all you want, I’m not moving.

Wanna make this a staredown? Fine, I’m game! There is no way I’m moving. The only way I’d go is if you found the tastiest, crunchiest kibble you could find and maybe – maybe – I’ll consider it. Throw in some bacon treats and you’d have yourself a really strong argument. But until then, don’t count on it-

Whoa, hey! What are you doing pulling the covers off?? It’s nighttime. It’s chilly. I need that blanket. You want me to catch hypothermia or something? It’s on you if I get sick because you exposed me to the harsh elements!

Hey, other human! Gonna lend a hand here? This is straight-up doggie domestic harassment or something.

Well, looks like I’m staying. Majority rules, and it looks like two of us are okay with me staying an there’s only one of you. It’s a shame, I know, but them’s the rules. Hafta respect the rules of a democracy. But don’t worry, once the highlights are done I’ll head back to my bed. I think there’s only about an hour, hour and a half left

I’m glad I stood (well, laid) my ground! You wouldn’t believe the passes made in today’s game! I was on the edge of my seat seeing that close score. In the end, our team won, and I got to see it in the coziest spot in the house!

The other human? Oh, she ended up watching some TV in the living room. She was in a much better mood than when she left the bedroom, so guess she’s had time to cool off! Aaaand now she’s off to claim the bed spot before I go back. Hey, you should at least thank me! Get me some snacks or something! I kept your spot nice and warm for you, after all!