Husky Puppy and Owl Have an Adorable Friendship

My dad and I were outside playing in the snow and look who I found! A very special Snowy Owl!

I’ve been learning so much about these little guys. For example, Snowy Owls are the heaviest owl species because of all of the downy feathers they have on their body.

They keep them warm when it’s cold out, kind of like my fur coat does. This owl is a very floofy girl.

When I first met this owl I wanted to name her “Bernard”, but dad told me this was a girl owl. The way he can tell is that she has a lot of dark markings on her, and male Snowy Owls tend to be more white. Maybe I’ll name her Betsy instead?

My dad is so heckin’ smart when it comes to owls, they’re his favorite type of bird. I learned that they have their own floofy slippers to keep warm, but the slippers don’t come off their feet!

How am I supposed to poop in her slippers if she never takes them off?

See this little beak right here? This thing is covered in these tiny little bristles. It helps her detect things that are close by, such as my fuzzy paw I’m about to boop her snoot with.

My dad also told me she uses her beak to catch and eat her food. The cool thing about it is that she doesn’t even have to chew her food! She just gobbles it up and swallows it whole.

I used to do that with my food, but then dad got me this special bowl that helps me slow down when I eat. He said I was “inhaling” my food, whatever that means. I just call it eating like the owls now.

Time for smooches! This owl doesn’t lick like I do, she keeps using her beak to nip my nose!

I’m hoping she does this because she likes me, and not because she thinks I’m her dinner. I do not taste good!

I’m not too worried about it though, because she doesn’t eat dogs. My dad said she likes to eat mice, ducks, and something called a lemming. Lemmings are apparently a type of rodent.

Well, my dad said it is time to leave. I really wanted to take my new owl friend with me, but he said she has to stay here. I hope she will be here next time I come to visit!