Huge Dog Cornered By Two Tiny Little Kittens

This big brave boy is apparently terrified of kittens.

Why Is My Dog Scared Of Kittens?

Dogs are pack animals, and as such they crave companionship. Kittens represent another animal that can potentially join the pack, so they may feel threatened by them.

Additionally, cats usually have high metabolisms compared to dogs which means that if one is eating too much food then it will eventually turn into weight gain which could lead to health problems for your dog over time. Finally, some dogs are just naturally more aggressive than others and may see the kitten as an easy target for attack due to its smaller size.

dog scared of kitten

Dogs are predators too, and they can sense the fear of the kittens.

Dogs have an extremely sensitive sense of smell that is used to detect prey or other dangers nearby. They also have a very good memory – if you’ve ever seen a dog return home after being let out for the day, you’ll know what I mean by this! Kittens emit certain odors which remind dogs of their own prey; these smells may excite some dogs but others will find them repugnant and stay away.

dog with kitten

How Do I Get My Dog To Like My Kitten?

You will need to give your dog time and patience.

Dogs are pack animals, and they enjoy being around other members of their pack (i.e., cats). However, it may take some time before the cat feels like part of the family; this is because cats usually don’t want anything to do with dogs until they’ve warmed up to them. So be patient and keep trying! With a little bit of work, you’ll have both pets eating from your hand in no time.

Kitties are usually very scared of dogs and vice versa, so the first step is to try and get your dog used to being around kitties slowly by starting out in an area where they can’t hurt them. You can do this by placing one or two kitty-safe objects near the edge of a room that has both cats and dogs in it, such as living room/dining room area if you have both types of pets at home.

puppy and kitten snuggling

Then take turns walking between these two points while carrying treats – either hold out a treat in each hand so they tempts him towards you or walk with one hand on your pet while keeping an eye on their reaction to the objects. Once your dog manages to walk past them and he seems relaxed and non-aggressive, you can move on and try placing one object on the ground at a time.

Since you will probably be giving your dog treats most of the time throughout this process, make sure they are either small pieces of soft cheese or freeze-dried liver. Make sure your pets don’t get to each other by keeping them on the opposite sides of the room. And hopefully, your dogs will start to become more manageable when they see a cat!

In case you have a very aggressive dog, it is advisable that you do not let the pets get near each other until your dog gets used to being around kitties and shows no sign of aggression towards them.