How This Dog Learned to Talk

Stella is a smart dog that is able to tell you what she wants by putting her foot down. Christina Hunger is her owner and a speech pathologist that created a keyboard with 29 buttons with words like “play,” “outside,” “park,” and “walk.”

Can Dogs Talk With Buttons?

Yes, dogs can talk with buttons because they have many of the same parts as humans.

Dogs and people share many similarities in terms of their brains, nervous systems, vocal cords and digestive tracts. The ability to communicate using symbols is something that has been observed in both animals and children who are learning language late in life or after an injury that affected their speech capability.

In fact, they have a very sophisticated language that is based on body language and vocalizations. They use buttons to communicate with each other as well as humans.

Dogs use a variety of sounds to convey different messages, including calls that are specific to their breed, how hungry they are, or if they want attention. They also learn new words from humans and incorporate those into their vocabulary over time.

dog talking

How Do You Teach A Dog To Speak With Buttons?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to teach a dog to speak with buttons may vary depending on the individual dog’s personality and abilities. However, some tips on how to go about teaching a dog to speak with buttons may include:

1. Start by selecting a few simple words that you would like your dog to learn, and begin practicing saying these words aloud while giving your dog a treat.

2. Once your dog is comfortable responding to these words, start incorporating buttons into the equation. Say the word aloud and then press the button corresponding to that word. Be sure to give your pup a treat after every successful button press!

3. As your dog becomes more proficient at pressing buttons to receive their treats, start saying your words and then press the corresponding button yourself. Make sure you only press the button once for each word as multiple presses may confuse or frustrate your pup.

4. Continue this process until your dog is consistently pressing the correct button after each word is said aloud.

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You would need to first train the dog to associate certain buttons with specific words. For example, you might want to push the button that says “sit” when you want your dog to sit down.

Once the dog is familiar with associating certain buttons with certain words, you can then start using those buttons to communicate with your dog. For example, if you’re outside and see a squirrel, you could press the “speak” button and say “go get it!” and your dog will likely try to run after the squirrel.