How Fast Can Dogs Run?

Have you ever struggled to keep up with your dog? Well duh, that’s because we’re super fast! And there’s no other dog faster than me, the Greyhound.

In fact, you might know me for being a bit of a celebrity, as we Greyhounds run in dog races! Like horse races, but with dogs, and we’re incredibly fast.

There’s not a squirrel or rabbit that can outrun me when I’m in the park, I’m basically the Flash.

Other dogs aren’t as fast as me, of course. Different breeds have different capabilities. But as a general rule, we’re all pretty good at running, and we really enjoy it too!

But do you want to know exactly how fast we dogs can run? As the expert, there’s nobody else to give you all the details!

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If we average it out, dogs can run between 20 and 35 km per hour. Although some dogs are a lot slower than that, and some are a lot faster (like me, I’m way faster than that!)

And it’s not only down to the breed of dog. It also depends on our physique! So if your dog is lazy and chubby…it’s not going to be the best runner.

But if your dog is healthy and trains regularly, he can maybe aspire to be one of the fastest! (Although he’ll never beat me. As I said, I’m the fastest of them all).

But why are we such good runners? I bet that’s something you’re wondering right now! Well, we’re kind of built for running!

Maybe not on the same level as horses are (my forever rivals in speed, grrr), but we have a few physical traits that set us up to be fast. You wanna know about them? Okay, I’ll tell you!

  • Our Feet:

Our feet are perfect for having a good grip on the ground, plus we have nails that help us with the traction.

This means that we can run at high speeds while remaining in control, and we can nail those sharp turns like the champions we are.

  • Our Gallop:

Gallop usually refers to horses, but we kind of gallop too. Basically, I’m referring to the way we run, okay? We have a double-suspension kind of gallop, also known as the rotary gallop.

It’s a bit complex to explain, but it basically means that we also have a little jump in there, so that we’re maximizing our running ability, making us extra fast!

  • Our Power:

We have a flexible spine, long loins, and some pretty strong abdominal muscles. And all of those combined result in us having a great forward drive with a lot of power. Basically, we can sprint very fast!

So there you have it. How fast can dogs run? Pretty fast!

How fast is the fastest dog in the world?

Now we’re talking, a question specifically about me! Because yes, I’m the fastest dog in the world. All of us Greyhounds are! And no wonder, we’ve always been bred for speed, whether it’s so that we can catch those speedy rabbits, or so that we can win at dog racing.

We Greyhounds can reach speeds of up to 70km per hour. That’s VERY fast. In fact, that’s pretty close to the average of horses, so they’re not that much faster than me after all! I’m also basically twice as fast as the average speed for dogs, so I’m a pretty impressive breed.

Everything about my physique helps me to be as fast as I am. I have a deep chest with a large lung capacity, allowing me to take deeper breaths so my body has enough oxygen while running.

I also have a big heart and an overall incredibly athletic physique. I have very long legs and a very narrow body. I’m built for speed!

We Greyhounds are also quite naturally thin, which makes us lighter and able to run even faster. Some humans sometimes think that it’s because we’re really hungry, but don’t worry! (Although you can give us some extra treats if you want).

Oh, and one of the reasons why we’re so good in races isn’t just that we can run at such a high speed. It’s also because we can reach that high speed super fast, thanks to our impressive acceleration. As soon as they give us the go, I’m off!

Sometimes, we’re even compared to the Cheetah! You know, the animal holding the land record for speed! They sprint a lot faster than us and reach a higher speed. But over distance, I can beat a Cheetah no problem!

How fast can dogs run by breed?

Okay, so I’m the fastest of all dogs. But other dog breeds come pretty close, and they’re also pretty fast. You want to know which ones? I’ll tell you!

1. Me, the Greyhound.

But I’ve already talked enough about how fast I am, so let’s move on to the next!

2. Saluki:

The Saluki is a sighthound that rivals me in my speed! Bred by Arabs, it is nicknamed ‘The Noble’, and it can reach a max of 69kmk per hour!

3. Whippet:

Whippets are kind of like my younger cousins, they look very much like me, but they’re smaller. They can reach a speed of up to around 60 km per hour, also bred for hunting, chasing, and racing!

4. Jack Russel Terrier:

Jack Russel Terriers aren’t bred for racing, but they’re the absolute kings of obstacle and agility courses! They can reach a super impressive speed of around 60km per hour, and as they’re smaller they’re incredibly agile and good at the sharper turns.

5. Vizsla:

The vizsla breed can run at up to almost 65 km per hour, so it’s really close to being in the top three! They also have impressive endurance!

6. Dalmatian:

Yup, dalmatians are unique-looking, and also pretty fast! They reach up to 60km per hour, and they can run for ages!

7. Border Collie:

Border collies have been bred to herd other animals, and that requires them to be pretty fast so they can get from one side to another when needed. They can run at up to 50 km per hour!

8. Alaskan Husky:

I’ve met a few huskies and they’ve got a massive ego, so don’t tell them I said this, but they’re pretty fast too.

The speed goes up to around 45 km per hour, but they can maintain that for an incredible amount of time. They were bred to pull sleds, after all!

Those are some of the fastest dog breeds, but remember that it also depends on each dog and the training or physical conditions that they’re in!

For example, all Greyhounds are incredibly fast, but I’m the fastest of them all!