Home Security Footage Picks Up Hilarious Footage Of Guard Dog

When the security camera at Joe Corsi’s home detected motion, he took out his phone to see what activity was going on, but it was just his hilarious German Shepherd Sasha.

German Shepherd Drinks Water From Fridge Water Dispenser

There is nothing worse than coming in after a long day of playing, digging and chasing squirrels and finding your dog bowl empty! Gosh, it’s mega-annoying to have to get a human’s attention, wait for them to understand what you’re saying, watch them walk to the kitchen, have them pour the water, and THEN get a drink. And if they get the temperature wrong, you just have to drink the warm water! Room temperature water is great for chilly winter days, but on hot days after hours of exercising? Nooo thank you! I need ice-cold water!

And you know what place always has ice-cold water? That’s right – the fridge! Now, they haven’t made doggie-friendly refrigerators yet, but I think I’ve found the next best thing: water dispensers! You know, those nozzles that are always ready to give fresh, delicious water? Yep, I’ve figured out how to take full advantage of the fridge’s water dispenser finally! You know the trick? Just drink it!

That’s right. Don’t let your parents catch you, but it’s totally possible to drink directly from the nozzle!

The trick is to make the fridge think your mouth is a cup! (Which… I guess it is, in this case). You don’t even need to open the door! You just plant yourself in front of the fridge and bam! Fresh, clean and unlimited water!

The best part is that I don’t even need a human to wait for me! Like I said before, it’s so annoying to have to wait for other people to help me. Even mini-fridges and micro Coca-Cola fridges can be hard for doggos to open. No thumbs, after all!

I’m Thirsty. Time for a Few Sips

I’m actually doing my humans a favor here. Us canines need to drink water every day, just like the humans, because we get dehydrated too. And when it gets hot outside, drinking water on the regular helps us cool down and prevents hyperthermia. It’s so easy for doggie bodies to overheat because we don’t have a lot of sweat glands in our bodies, unlike humans!

Doggos don’t even need to be running around to get too hot! Just being in the sun can be enough to do the job, and that can get very unsafe very fast! So when I’m out and about, and my body temp goes up, it can actually take a long time for me to cool down without the help of water. I’m sure you’ve noticed when dogs start panting when they’re hot, and sometimes we’ll even dig ourselves into the cool earth to get some relief. So even more reasons for me to be excited about this new trick! If I wanted, I could probably even bring my doggie bowl over here and fill it with water to get even bigger drinks! Maybe I could even put ice in it too to keep it extra cold!

My humans get such a kick out of my new system! I’m sure they’re very happy that they have one less chore to do, and don’t have to worry about me getting hot and dehydrated. Although they probably have to clean the nozzle every time they use it… hmm, maybe I should switch to bringing my bowl over here.

Well, that’s something to think about for another day! For now, time to get another drink!