Hilarious Role Reversal! Lamb Bullies Farm Dog

Dogs and sheep can get along great! I looooove taking care of them, and spending time with them while my human is working on the farm, or selling wool and milk. Sheep are well-behaved, sweet fuzzy things!

Well… most of the time.

Sometimes, the sheep like to mess around and not do what I say! I think they like the free-roam time so much that they try to sneak a bit of extra time in there before they have to go into their pen. These silly sheep don’t know what they’re doing! If they’re outside their pen after dark, they could get lost or seriously hurt!

And today is one of those days where they’re procrastinating and fighting back on going into their pen. And this guy. This guy right here is leading the movement. He’s trying to distract me, sniffing me up, getting all on me. Ugh, guess it’s gonna be a long afternoon, huh?

The most annoying part of this? It’s kind of working! I keep forgetting what I’m supposed to be doing because he keeps grabbing my attention! Focus, Stripe, focus.

The sheep have no idea what the time is, either, so sometimes (like today!) they’ll try to distract me well before they need to go into their pen! Sheep don’t need to go in until 3 or 4, a few hours before sunset. But sometimes they’ll come to me at around the human’s lunchtime or even earlier! They still have so many hours left in the day! Go enjoy it!

Usually, when I need to shake one of these stubborn sheep, I try to just lose them. During the day I can wander around and still keep an eye on the sheep, so I’m free to walk and run, so long as I don’t wander off the property. It almost always works. The sheep will get bored of following me and will go back to their friends. Then I can go back to my regular guard dog duty. Ugh, what a hassle!