Hilarious Puppy Experiences Air Conditioning for the First Time

Dad’s gone into the store to get me some treats because who’s a good boy? I am. He said I should wait here in the car and protect Mom. I take my protecting duties very seriously. Unlike that mean cat at home that just ignores her.

So now I’m watching all around us to make sure nothing bad sneaks in here. Don’t you worry Mom, I’ve got this under control.

Wait, something strange is happening. Mom doesn’t seem to notice, but I’m on it. Something has snuck in from those little vents next to the steering wheel. Maybe I can sort this out before Mom notices.

I don’t want her to get scared and then complain about me to the cat. I’ll never hear the end of it.

Nevermind. We’re just moving. Just a breeze. False alarm. Phew.

Except, uh, Mom doesn’t seem to be moving. And the cars around us aren’t moving. So I guess WE’RE not moving. What the heck is that? How much do you wanna bet the cat is behind this?!

Always with his witchy little eyes and that smirk. I bet he’s playing a trick on me because he doesn’t want Mom and Dad to give me so many treats.

Just because I can’t see the enemy doesn’t mean I can’t defeat it. I’m a ferocious pup and no unseen demon breeze is a match for me! I just need to get a grip on it and then it’s over for this phantom menace!

I’m not sure why Mom is laughing at me, but I guess she’s just nervous. But, I will say, she seems to kinda be enjoying the breeze.

OH NO! Maybe the cat got to her too.

Hmmm. So far, I don’t see this thing doing any real harm, and it is KIND OF nice. It’s so cool…and airy…

Plus, Mom keeps looking over at me and she seems really happy. So maybe I overreacted a little bit. I guess we can just scope out the scene for a little bit and see what happens?

Unless, UNLESS…maybe that’s what this miserable invisible thing wants me to think. It’s a trap! Mom has been blindsided by the cat’s scheme and, instead of looking after her, I’ve fallen for it too.

Ooh, Dad’s gonna be so mad. And I’m not going to get my treats.

Unless, hmm…maybe this could be me and Mom’s little secret. That dang kitty had better sleep with one eye open. Sending his invisible creatures to mess with me. Typical.