Hilarious Bulldog Decides the Plastic Pool Belongs Inside the House

So, today mom brings home this swimming pool. I feel like anyone who looks at this thing would instantly know this is supposed to be an indoor pool. It’s small enough to go inside and it is way too hot for a doggo like me to be out swimming.

I’ve gotta hand it to her. My mom tries hard but sometimes she just doesn’t get it right. And my brother? He can’t tell a water bowl from a swimming pool! I keep telling mom to get his eyes checked but all she does is woof back at me (I don’t understand the language she speaks but it’s definitely not mine!)

Alright, if she’s not going to get with the picture I’ll give her a hand. I gotta get this pool inside somehow. Time to start pulling. Come on Brother! Let’s pull the pool!

Can’t a dog get some help around here? At this rate, I’d have better luck asking the cat for help, and you know she doesn’t care about anything but catching that silly red laser.

Okay, I’ve made it to the big door. Now all I need to do is get it inside. I wonder if my mom will finally figure out that this thing does not belong outside! It is an indoor doggy oasis!

My brother has seriously just been standing there the whole time and not lifting a paw. I don’t know how he sleeps at night, being as lazy as he is (okay, that didn’t make much sense because he sleeps great at night. But he definitely doesn’t feel bad about not helping people).

This isn’t fair! My brother seriously came over and started drinking out of the pool while I was trying to get it inside. So you know what I did?

I dumped the water out while I was trying to yank it with my teeths. If he isn’t going to help me get the indoor doggy oasis indoors he ain’t gonna heckin drink out of it!

Finally! I finally got the oasis inside. Except now there is no water in it. That’s okay, The least my mom can do is fill it back up.

I have a big heart but it will hold a grudge for a long time. I’m telling the cat all about how I had to do this alone and we are coming up with a plan for revenge. I’m thinking she’ll steal my brother’s dog toys and I will go after mom’s shoes.

Maybe next time, they’ll help out a little more, eh?