Heroic Pit Bull Rescues Baby and Mom From House Fire

Sasha the Pit Bull saved the lives of Latana Chai and her baby, Masailah, when their house caught fire. Sasha ran to the baby’s room and was trying to drag her out of the house by the diaper.

How Do Dogs React To Fire?

Dogs can be scared of fire, but they are not as likely to react with fear as a human would.

The reason for this is that dogs have a very strong sense of smell and because their nose is so close to the ground they can actually detect smoke before it reaches their eyes or mouth. This means that if you live near a forest or other area where there’s often wildfire activity, your dog might notice the scent miles before you do! If your pup starts getting nervous around fires then try these tips:

dog firefighter

1) Give them something fun to do – A lot of times when pets see something scary happen in the house they’ll want nothing more than to run away from it; if this happens when there’s a fire and you’re not home, they might end up running into traffic or something like that. If your furry friends responds best to food try giving them treats when you start seeing smoke.

2) Keep tight reins on them – This should go without saying, but keeping your pets leashed is probably the safest thing. As stated before dogs are more likely to run away in a crisis situation, and if they’re outside when there’s a forest fire it can create some dangerous problems.

Dogs will react to fire in different ways, depending on their breed. Some breeds such as Labs and German Shepherds may be more likely to jump in the flames due to their instinctive desire for warmth.

Other breeds such as dachshunds or corgis may try to avoid contact with hot objects by running under furniture or hiding behind things like televisions. Finally, other dogs may just bark anxiously at the sight of fire or run away from it altogether (especially if they’re not used to being around fires).

Regardless of the dog’s breed, all animals should be given a chance to get out of an area that is close enough for them might become dangerous because of intense heat.

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How Does My Dog Know Fire Is Bad?

Dogs have an extremely acute sense of smell, and are able to detect minute changes in the air that humans cannot. They can smell fire from a long way away, and know that it is dangerous because of the intense heat it gives off and the smoke it produces. Dogs have been known to bark or run away from fires before they even see them, simply based on their sense of smell.

Dogs are naturally drawn to fire because of their natural curiosity and love for exploring new things. However, when they see other animals or people near a flame it can be frightening and the dog may think the flame is something that should be avoided at all costs.

dog and woman by fire

The reason dogs bark or growl when they see something on fire is because it doesn’t know what’s happening – whether it’s safe or not; if there’s someone nearby who needs help; if there’s food inside (and hungry) or just leaves burning up in air (and harmless). It also doesn’t understand why its human companion would want something like this near them so their natural instinct is either to flee from danger OR get really close.