Heroic Dog Saves Friend Trapped on Boat

Today, we’ve got the heroic story of a rottweiler that was just in time to save his terrier friend! In China, a rottweiler discovered a scene sure to terrify any pup — a terrier was caught adrift on one of those human-made floating contraptions. The rottweiler knew that he had to act fast… or his friend could get mildly wet!

How the terrier became to be on this human vehicle is unknown. Perhaps his human dived overboard. Maybe he was stealing it! It’s not for us to guess, but it’s possible that there was some delicious fish on that boat — or maybe a ball got tossed into it.

Regardless, our hero the rottweiler slept into action, diving into the murky waters to retrieve the very, very tug-gable rope that was attached to the boat. What came next was one of the fiercest and most important tug-of-war games of those dogs’ lives!

Of course, first the rottweiler politely made sure that the dog didn’t intend to be on the boat. Who knows? He could have been a mariner!

The rottweiler, rope in mouth, was able to drag the terrier-fied pupper back to shore slowly, doggy-paddling all the way. A very impressive feat for a pup, especially with such a large boat!

Once the rottweiler had gotten the boat close enough to shore, his terrier-fied friend was able to leap offboard. But he did stumble a bit, falling into the river water nevertheless. Guess he hadn’t gotten all four of his land paws yet!

There are still a lot of questions left to answer, such as: Whose boat was it? Was it the dogs boat? Can dogs own boats? Can I own a boat?