Hero Dog Saves Brother from Drowning in Pool

Hey! Quick PSA: if you can’t swim, stay away from the pool!

I had to learn that one the hard way. My human has a big pool in the backyard, and even though they’re giving me lessons, I’m still a beginner. She always prefers to be near me when I’m swimming, and now I understand why!

So I was just out for a stroll outside. Nothing outside the ordinary. Just enjoying the sun shining and the birds singing. I knew I was getting too close too the pool, but I thought I could juuuuuuuuust reach the end without falling in. Well, I was wrong about that!

And that water was like ICE! Seriously, why aren’t heated pools the norm?! It was like I’d been thrown from a warm house out into the snow. I’m going to need to have a talk with my human later.

I could probably have paddled my way back to the stairs, but I just couldn’t steer myself! That was my next lesson with my human. The best I can do so far is just keep my head above water. Trust me, that wasn’t easy either!

Finally, my friend Chocolate noticed something was up. He saw that I wasn’t gettng myself out, and came to the rescue! He’s a big dog and is also learning how to swim – but he already knows how to save little doggies in trouble!

It took him a minute to work out a strategy. I could hear him mumbling under his breath the different techniques my human taught us, trying to decide which one to use to help me. And, let’s be honest, he threw in a few “What were you thinking?” comments, too. Geez, sorry!

Then, he realized something. He didn’t need to get into the water at all! He’s such a big guy, he saw that he could save me just by pulling me out! And he did it in the nick of time, I was starting to get really tired!

Well, I’m wet, freezing and just had the scare of a lifetime. Might be a good idea to keep a good distance from the pool when the human’s not around.

When she got home, my human saw I was wet and looked over the footage from our home cameras. She was so scared over what happened! She vowed to keep the porch door locked every time she was out of the house, and finish up our swimming lessons as soon as possible! I couldn’t agree more.