Helpful Dog Follows Dad Up the Ladder Onto the Roof

Today my dad had to take the lights off of the roof. It’s way too much work for one human to do alone! Also, it’s very dangerous up there and my job is to protect my humans. My dad, being the proud man that he is, refused to ask me for help. It’s okay though, I wasn’t offended. Being the helpful pup that I am, I took it upon myself to climb up there with him and help out. It didn’t turn out quite as I planned, but let me give you the whole rundown…

This is the ladder I climbed up and you can see my brother’s paws there at the top of the picture. I asked him to come help dad but he really insisted he’d rather keep his paws on the ground. No worries, I am a hard-working pup and I knew dad and I could handle it on our own! I was sure I’d get extra treats at the end of all this, and my brother would be begging me to share (I always share my treats because that’s just the kind of dog that I am, after all).

I had to double-check with my brother that he didn’t want to come. Unfortunately for dad, brother was really insisting on not helping and missing out on the views. Again, I don’t mind. I’m the good dog after all (I rarely hear him called the good dog. That title is reserved for me, the helpful son).

I know I look a little scared, but it’s just the angle of the picture. I was so happy to be up there helping dad! He seemed a little upset though… Sometimes humans can just be too proud and have a hard time asking for help. It’s okay, I understood and decided to take the job anyway.

Man, the view from up there really was incredible! I could see everything. Paul the Pomeranian was biting the ankles of a small child down the street (it’s his favorite hobby), Leroy the Labradoodle was chasing the postman. I could even see Steve the Spaniel going potty in his neighbor’s yard (wait ’til she finds that surprise!). What was really shocking though, was what came next.

My dad wasn’t even happy that I came to help! You guys, I was outraged! I risked my life. The cat has seven lives and I only have one, and I risked that one life to help him! I thought for sure I would get treats, a pat on the head, and be watched in awe and envy by the other dogs as I helped my human take down the lights. I was shaken, I couldn’t believe it. My one job in life is to protect and help my human and he robbed me of it. I had never felt so low in my life…

That is until my brother told me he had spotted a squirrel on the fence one yard over and there was a good chance he was coming to our yard! While I was sad that my human was too proud to accept my help (word has it he was trying to impress the wife and do it on his own), I couldn’t say no to a good game of squirrel hunting!