Heartwarming Surprise Visit of Dog at Nursing Home to See His Human

A few weeks ago, my dad had an accident. It was really scary! I had no idea what was going on, but my mom was really scared and so was I.

My mom had to call this big, loud truck to come and take him away. They said he had something called a “stroke” and he was going to be gone for a little while.

Luckily, he is recovering well from what I’ve been told by mom, but today I get to go visit him! It’s going to be a big surprise. I’m sure he’s going to be super happy to see me!

I can’t wait to fill him in on what’s been going on in the neighborhood. Wait until he finds out what that Pomeranian did to his garden…

There he is! Oh my goodness, look how excited he is to see me! Yay! Daddy, hi! How have you been? Are your nurses taking really good care of you?

If they aren’t, just let me know and I will make sure I bork at them for you. So, anyway, there’s been a lot of wild stuff going on around the neighborhood since you left in the big loud truck.

Do you know that spaniel pup? Sturgis? Well, you won’t believe what he did… He was ripping around the corner so fast, chasing this big squirrel, that he tripped over his own two paws and did a front flip right onto the pavement! Yes, he did go to the vet. No, he didn’t go willingly. It was scary!

Aw, my hooman. You smell just like I remember! Don’t you worry about giving me any head pats. Even though I have been the best boi while you’ve been gone, I will come to you and give you big pupper hugs.

Pupper hugs fix everything, right? At least, that’s what mom always says!

Okay, so anyway, I have to tell you about that Pomeranian that lives up the street. You know the one we don’t like? Well, you’ll need to have a discussion with her mom because she tore through your vegetable garden there are holes everywhere. I mean the whole thing is a wreck. I am trying to put it back together, but it’s a little hard since, ya know, I am lacking in the thumb department.

Speaking of vegetables… Have they been feeding you well here? You don’t happen to have any leftover hamborgors do you? I could go for a hamborgor right about now…