Heartwarming Rescue Dogs Have Delicious Thanksgiving Meal

It’s time for Thanksgiving! Hi, everyone! We want to welcome you to our family Thanksgiving – sorry – Barksgiving dinner. This is easily the best day of the year!

Oh, where are our manners? We haven’t even introduced ourselves! Our names are Titan, Hooch, Shelby, and Shadow, and we’ve been a solid team for a long time now! None of us are siblings, but we have definitely become a family over time, living under the same roof.

I still remember our first Barksgiving. We had never seen anything like it before! The table nicely set up, tons of food, and decorations on the walls! Everything smelled like heaven, and we couldn’t wait to bite into it. Now it’s become a treasured tradition!


Every Barksgiving I think back to my life before my adoption. Life was not easy on the streets, but, thankfully, that’s over now. And now my life got about a million times better after seeing all that delicious-looking food on the plate. All for us?? I couldn’t believe it. It was then that I knew that our new humans were sure kind and thoughtful. They were even waiting on us, like we were celebrities. It sure made me feel like a special dog.


As soon as I saw that feast, I knew there was nothing that was gonna stop me from throwing down as much food as I could down my hatch. Boy, my mouth starts watering just watching the food – happens every Barksgiving. The pies always look delish, and it’s always the first thing I go for. Luckily, no one else likes this flavor, so I always have the entire pie to myself. It’s always the right temperature that I don’t burn myself, too! Boy, these humans sure know their way around the kitchen.

I always make a bit of a mess, but what’s Barksgiving dinner without a bit of mess on the table? I love everything about these dinners – the kind humans and seeing my family happy. I love it!


mmm, I can’t talk much because my mouth is full at the moment. But I will say this. These humans sure know how to treat a dog! I always start with the cornbread, which always tastes amazing and even has chunks of corn kernels. I’m a pretty small dog, but don’t let that fool you. I will eat everything on this plate and then some more. In fact, Titan’s plate over there looks pretty inviting, so let me hop on the table and get some. Hmmm, hmmm, it’s delicious!


I’m a dessert-first kinda dog, so every Barksgiving I gotta satisfy my sweet tooth before anything. My taste buds are exploding right now. I’m elbows deep in my food, and it’s the best thing I ever tasted in my whole life. I want more and more food, so after dessert, I dive straight into my pie, and I don’t stop eating until it’s gone. This is so awesome! Barksgiving rules!