Heartwarming Journey of a Scared Pup that Becomes a Happy Dog

You know, some dogs get all the luck. And so far, I have not been that dog.

I’m almost 6 years old, and things have just been hard. I was separated from my mom at a young age, and all my brothers and sisters got picked from our litter. They left me behind and I’ve been hopping around between houses and pounds ever since.

I really am a good boy. I promise. Why can’t anyone else see that?

This is me, my name is Roy (although people keep changing it when I get to a new house). This is the fifth dog pound I have been to since I’ve been born. The hoomans have never been very nice to me.

I got pets today from a lady that seemed really nice, but they all seem to be nice at first. I don’t know if I want to trust her.

Besides, I can smell a cat on her. I probably wouldn’t like her anyway, so I don’t care if she doesn’t like me.

Okay, maybe she really isn’t all that bad. I mean, if she decides to take me home, she’ll definitely have to get rid of those cats. I can’t stand them.

That’s why the last house dropped me off here at the pound. The cat and I just couldn’t get along. It wasn’t even my fault though, because she kept smacking me in the nose.

I didn’t care for that family, they kept calling me “Bad Boy”. My name is not Bad Boy, my name is Roy. They didn’t seem to understand that.

Guess what? She took me home! I have a new hooman! I’m a little worried she’ll change her mind. After all, who could love a dog like me who has been to so many pounds?

But she tells me every day how much she loves me and reminds me that I’m a good boy whenever I forget. I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my days with her!

I’m going to make sure I’m the best boy a Roy can be! And guess what else you guys? The cats don’t actually live here! She was just cat sitting for the neighbors. I’ll have to remember not to nip the kitties on my walk, though. I don’t want to go back to the pound.

Today we are going to the park, and she’s introducing me to her family this evening. I need to make sure I’m on my best behavior.

I can’t believe my luck has turned, and I get to live my life as a happy and well-loved pup.

She finally sees me for the Roy I am, and I couldn’t be any heckin’ happier.