Happy Dog Loves Getting Cow Kisses

There is nothing like the first time you visit a farm. It was wonderful and confusing at the same time. There were so many animals that I never saw before. At first, I thought they were all just different kinds of dogs. I mean, they really liked giving me kisses and a lot of my dog friends do that too. But I tried giving them my favorite ball to fetch, and they weren’t interested.

I think I have some new best friends. I totally fit in with these cows and almost no one can tell. Of course, when they go off to give milk, I go look for fun somewhere else. They don’t seem to mind it, but that doesn’t look like too much fun to me.

When I visit the cow babies, I have the most fun because they aren’t too much bigger than me. They have some pretty cool accessories too. See those magical tags on their ears? That means they can never get lost. Or at least if they get lost, someone can figure out where they belong. I wear my ear tag inside, and my humans call it a chip. Also, because they’re babies, they get to wear those cozy blanket-jacket things to keep warm. I wanted to try one on, but they don’t come in my size.

My human told me all kinds of fun things about cows. Did you know that they have FOUR stomachs? Wow! If I had four stomachs, I would always be hungry. My humans could feed me treats all day long. And I don’t know how cows manage to stay full when they only eat grass. As much as it looks like fun to be a cow, I don’t think I could live without my bacon-flavored treats and the meatballs that get dropped by mistake.

Cows also can sleep standing up. I tried to do that, but as soon as I fell asleep, I also fell over! Every time!

Even though you might now think we have a lot in common, cows also have an excellent sense of smell. Compared to humans, we can smell so much more. That’s why you see us standing with our noses in the air. We’re trying to stay on top of what’s happening around us. Also, the breeze feels really good on our noses.

Every time I go to the farm, I have a great time. There’s a lot of fresh air — and some not-so-fresh air — and all of my friends to visit. Even if I didn’t get lots of kisses, I would still show up.