Happy Dog Gets a Puppuccino Treat at Drive-Thru Window

Mom has a special treat for me this morning. When we hopped in the car, I thought maybe we were just going to visit some friends, but then, up ahead, I see MY FAVORITE PLACE.

Mom, you’re the absolute best.

Now drive faster. I can see the window coming up. Oh man I can’t wait. It’s time for a treat.

We pull up and, horror of horrors, there is no one at the window. Oh dear, what does it mean?!

Mom, do you think you could hoot? Or call her?

But then I see the waitress. Sheesh. Disaster averted. I don’t think she sees me, but I bet she has to turn around eventually. Mom doesn’t seem concerned.

And then, like a blonde angel, she sees me. It’s GO time.

Mom needs to give her money so that she will give me my treat. I don’t want to rush mom along, after all, she is being a lovely hooman by getting me a treat, but I am getting a little impatient.

Could you speed things up a bit Mom?

Side note: this lady is really lovely. If there is a customer service survey or something, then Mom should fill it out and give her a really good rating.

Mom, take your change. This lady is saying something very important. She wants to know if I want a Pup-uccino! The answer is a resounding YES!

I’m just going to give you each a quick boop to confirm that I do indeed want a delicious cup of creamy goodness please. Make it a double shot.

Oh, I’m so excited, sitting still is taking all of my self-restraint.


I got a little bit nervous there because the lady disappeared from my view, but she’s back and she’s brought my treat!

Ah my goodness, it is AMAZING. Just the right level of creamy at just the right temperature. I’m gobbling it up way too fast, but I don’t even care.

Hey, wait, Mom, why’re you trying to take it away?

Never mind, she’s just trying to hold it for me so that the nice lady can serve the pups in the queue behind us. I can’t even focus. I’ll sit down now just give me back my cream!

This is the best way to start a day ever.