Happiest Dog Enjoys Taking a Bath and Getting Pampered by Dad

Baths are the BEST! The absolute best! It’s so fun to be able to play in the water, and play with the bubbles. Why do people say dogs don’t like baths? Are there dogs who really don’t like them? What’s wrong with them?? Bathtime is the best time!

And I don’t get just any bath. Once a month my human takes me to the spa to get a deep cleaning! Don’t get me wrong, a hose, a tub and some shampoo get the job done most days. But nothing beats the spa’s high-quality soaps, bath sponges and fancy tubs with jets. It’s like getting a massage and a bath at the same time!

Here’s More Reasons Why Bath Time Rocks

For me, bath time is a time of pure relaxation. I get in the tub and lie back with paws in the air, like I’m falling asleep! The water is always warm, and it makes all my muscles relax, which is soooo good. Gotta loosen those tired muscles after running around the yard all day! My bather makes it a point to add all of my special toys, so I can also play while they clean me. They really treat you like royalty here!

When I’m away, my human loves to get a treatment at the spa too! She gets her head-fur washed, has her nails painted, and has her body fur removed. At least, that’s always what I notice when she comes to pick me up. And she always looks just as relaxed as I do! It’s a fun day for the both of us, and we always grab something nice to eat afterwards.

A Clean Dog Is A Happy Dog

It’s nice to get clean finally! Like I said, sometimes I go rolling outside, and my fur gets dusty and dirty. It’s fun in the moment, but then I have to sleep in my doggie bed instead of with my human.

And my bather never misses a spot! He washes my legs, my neck, and my entire belly gets a fantastic rubbing. I bet I’m going to come out of here sparkling clean and smelling like the rose garden outside. That means I can roll on the soft carpet and climb on the bed without worrying about getting things dirty. Woo-hoo!

But it definitely becomes a vicious cycle. Bath time makes me even happier, so then I want to run and play outside again. Start rolling around on the grass and in the mud because I know I’m not adding dirt to more dirt. But that’s okay! Because you know what dirty dogs get? More bath time!