Guilty Dog Left a Trail of Toilet Paper Across the House

Have you humans ever wanted to fidget? Like, you have to play with your hair or chew a pencil or something? Well, dogs feel that too! Sometimes we just need to MOVE, and man can it be annoying when we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

I’m really young and still full of energy, so at least once a day I get the itches in my legs telling me to move! I need to use my muscles a lot so I can get big and strong, but sometimes my humans are busy or ouside of the house, so there’s no one to let me out and nowhere for me to go!

So…. I end up wandering the house. And that’s when I usually get in trouble…

I Just Want to Move

Sometimes I’ll just run around the first floor. That’s usually fine, so long as I don’t knock anything over.

But then I get twitchy. I wanna grab things, like sticks and tennis balls. But guess what? There are no sticks or tennis balls inside a house! My human keeps the sports stuff locked away, and they don’t let sticks and stuff inside the house (boring!), so I have to make do.

Sometimes I’ll grab whatever I can and run with that. Shoes, pillows and wooden spoons are my personal favorites. That’s… when I get in more trouble!

And when I get my teeth or paws into something, I just start moving! I’ll move and move, and the next thing I know, I’ve made a big mess!

Messes Are No Fun

And I can never get things cleaned up in time! Believe me, I’ve tried. And even when I can get things cleaned up, usually my humans will find some bits of the mess days or even weeks later! And when that happens, the jig is up, they figure out what I’ve done.

And I always get a long talking-to afterwards. Talk about annoying!

Toilet Paper Isn’t Even Tasty At All

My latest obsession has been with toilet paper. I know what you humans use it for, but the clean ones on the roll are so FUN to play with! You just hit that roll, and more and more keep coming! Talk about addicting!

And the bits melt in your mouth like cotton candy too! It doesn’t taste very good, though, and I bet eating lots of paper would give me a big tummy-ache. So normally I’ll just drag it all over the house and decorate the whole place!

I bet you can guess that my humans don’t always appreciate my artistic vision.

She Caught Me With the Toilet Paper

And oh boy, it’s hard to not get caught red-pawed with toilet paper. The thing that makes it fun is the thing that makes it impossible to hide – that long tail of paper! I am ALWAYS caught when I play with toilet paper.

Some days my human has a better sense of humor about things, though. Sometimes they’ll just laugh it off and record my crazy ideas, instead of immediately going into cleaning mode with a sad face.

Maybe I can convince them to bring some sticks and branches into the house! It’ll definitely keep me more entertained.