Great Dane Jumps on the Trampoline to See Over the Fence

It’s a hard life for a dog. We are only a few feet off the ground, so we can’t always see everything. A lot of us have gotten creative with how we peep over the fence, but my mom had the best idea of them all.

One day, my mom started feeling bad so she brought me home a big bouncy thing! She called it a trampoline.

I called it the “see-er-ator”. I can see everything in the neighborhood when I bounce on this thing!

Oh hey! I can see Pam the Pomeranian. She’s pooping in her human’s flowers again, I see.

They aren’t going to be happy about that one! Last week she got in trouble for chewing up her human’s shoe, so in response, she went and pooped on just about everything she could find. One of those was the flowers.

It just wasn’t a good look. There are plenty of ways to handle being told no that doesn’t involve ruining your human’s things, but I digress.

You can’t see me down here, but I’m getting ready for liftoff! This can be a little hard on my bones, so I have to make sure I take off in the best way possible.

First I get down low like I’m trying to pounce on the cat. Then, I wag my tail (that gives me liftoff juice).

Finally, I woof myself up into the air! It’s the best invention that my mom has ever come up with (I assume it was my mom, she knows everything. They sell her inventions at the stores).

Oh my goodness! Is that George the Great Dane from three houses over? I cannot believe this! He is back to digging up his parent’s flowers, I see.

Oh my, he’s going to be in so much trouble! I wish he would just stop doing that, it’s such a bad habit. Maybe I’ll go down there after I’m done spying on the neighborhood (I mean, jumping) and give him a talking to.

The more trouble he gets in, the less I get to see him, and I just can’t have that!

Well, my mom is calling me inside, so I had better get going. She said it’s kibbles for dinner (again), but maybe if I’m lucky she will give me some food off of her plate.

If you think I look cool jumping on this thing, you should see me slurping noodles. It gets everyone laughing!