Golden Retriever is Better at Surfing Than His Dad

I have many hobbies! I like to fetch, play ball, dig holes, and run really far. What can I say? I’m a dog of many talents! And one thing I absolutely love to do? My #1 favorite pastime? Surfing!

Yes, you read that right. Surfing isn’t just for two-leggers! It’s one of the few human sports that dogs can do just as well! In fact, I daresay us doggos are even better at surfing than humans! I mean, we have two extra legs to keep us steady, and we’re wayyyy shorter. That means less chance of falling over, and less time spent getting my board back, getting to the shore and drying off.

It’s so much fun!

I Give Out Surfing Lessons

In fact, I’ve gotten so good at this, that I have become a certified surfing instructor! I do my best work when teaching dogs, but I also know how to teach humans, too. I don’t really offer up my services as a teacher too often, but sometimes it is good to help someone learn how to do something. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to help humans new to the sport learn how to surf.

For most humans new to surfing, their balance isn’t bad, but they always start with standing on the surfboard with their two feet. I really recommend standing on it on all fours, to be honest. It really gives you much more stability overall. I mean, it works for me!

They always ignore me initially. However, as soon as they start losing their balance for a second, they end up copying me. What can I say? Teachers know best!

I Am A Better Surfer Than Most Humans

I have to say, I hope humans never feel insecure. I mean, I wasn’t too sure about surfing when I first started out either! I mean, I love water and all, but I thought it would be harder to use a surfboard. It’s pretty easy for me, actually, now that I’ve gotten the hang of it. Now I teach my doggo-inspired tactics to fellow humans.

As I said, being on all fours at first is the key. It just makes you much more stable on the board!

It Is Always a Good Day for Surfing

Sunny weather is pretty good for learning how to surf, but overcast warm weather is honestly the best weather to learn in. Not cold, and you don’t have the sun beating down on you. Nothing worse than, after a long day of lessons, waking up with a sunburn in the morning! It’s the absolute worst, and if I could talk, I’d push all my students to apply waterproof sunscreen on every hour!

I Look Great on My Surfboard

Well, on days when I’m not teaching and just having fun, I love to have humans take pictures and videos of me! I also have to say that I think I look pretty cool on my new surfboard. It really compliments my look well. They also act as great promos for upcoming classes! I should really get an Instagram going to take my business to the next level.

Well, off to teach another class! Bye!