German Shepherd Tries to Hula Hoop Just Like the Humans

Humans always surprise me with the crazy games that they come up with! And they’re always so different! Card games, board games, video games, verbal games…

But my personal favorite are their sports! Physical games are the best, and I’m not just saying that because they’re the only games I can play in as well, no sir! It’s just so beyond cool to watch, and of course play in!

Human sports can have different numbers of people in them. Personally, I’m a big fan of sports with big teams, like soccer and football. It’s so exciting seeing all those people running back and forth and enjoying their fun. And they get paid to do it, too?? Sign me right up!

But on days when there’s no one else to play with, I like to play one-dog sports. Dribbling balls (and trying to not dribble all over them!), practicing making goals, and my new obsession – hula hooping!

I Haven’t Been Hula Hooping for a Long Time

I’m still very new to hula hooping. I first became interested in the sport when I saw my human do it. It looked like so much fun, how could I not want to? It’s great exercise, and you get to see that hoop going round and round.

It’s so so fun! And humans have invented all kinds of little games to play with them. Tricks, spinning on their arms, or even around their knees! It’s really amazing what people have invented just to keep from getting bored!

I can’t wait to get really good. Maybe there’s some competitions around here where I can show off my skills!

Hula Hooping is Hard for a Dog

I have to say, though. It’s very obvious that hula hoops were not made for dogs. We don’t have the hips humans have, and we just aren’t as long! It can really make this hard, and a lot of the time, the hoops are too big for me to even use when I’m standing on all four legs.

I had to improvise a lot, and I think I finally found a solution.

Just Grab the Hula Hoop With Your Teeth and Spin

So here’s my trick – I use my teeth to hula hoop! All you have to do is grab the hoop with your teeth, hold it firmly, and spin around. That’s really all there is to it!

It takes a lot of jaw exercises to keep from getting tired, but I think I figured out the trick. It’s best to do it after you’ve eaten something, so your jaw is already a bit loose from the chewing. It gets the job done, but only for dogs! I’d like to see a human try this.

Hula Hooping Is A Lot of Fun

I understand why humans like to hula hoop so often. This is definitely a lot of fun! I could do this for hours and hours, coming up with new ways to play!

Maybe when I’m good enough we can start a YouTube channel together, human? That’d be fun, teaching humans and dogs alike how to hula hoop. We could really do something with this!