This German Shepherd Has A Unique Way Of Showing He Is Hungry

Sitting next to my empty dog bowl is just about one of the most depressing things that I can think of! I have visions of that sweet kibble raining down into the bowl for me to devour, but right now it is as dry as a bone. Mmm.. a bone, that sounds yummy right now too. But my human doesn’t seem to be getting the memo. Doesn’t he see that I’m starving over here? I know that he’s got a lot of work to do and all, but it’s been a whole afternoon since I’ve had breakfast! I’m withering away to nothing over here!

Even when I get the human’s attention, they still try to play dumb. Ken, are you keeping some of the kibble for yourself? Is that’s what’s going on here? Because if you are, I won’t judge. The stuff is great. But there’s definitely enough for the two of us, so I’d appreciate my share.

Okay, now I know for sure that he’s playing dumb. We’re getting close to my feeding time, and he always gets the food right on time. Is this a joke? And I on camera? (Well… hidden camera. I see the one that he’s holding).

All right, if you aren’t getting the message, let me spell it out for you. I want you to use your hand (*lick lick*) to get the food in this closet over here, and grab the food inside. Following so far? Good.

Now, yep, get that door open. Good boy! Okay, last step. Time to get that food right here into the bowl. Yes, that food. Yes, that hand. Use that hand to – oh my goodness – yes, put the food in the bowl. This bowl right here. Please?

Thank you!

Okay, now I’ve got my food, finally. I thought I was gonna starve! But hopefully the human will remember this lesson and will know to get the food on time in the future. But if he doesn’t? Well, I got my point across once, so I bet I can do it again. But wow, what an agonizing process! Hopefully I won’t have to deal with that again.