German Shepherd Dog Tries to Snack on Chihuahua Dressed as Taco

I love trying all sorts of new food! Stew, bread-less Sloppy Joes, I love it all! I especially love it when my humans make human food doggie-safe, so I get to try out their favorite meals! It’s always such a treat when they do this, and it makes me want to dig right in!

What throw me off, though, is when I see human food around the house, not being eaten by a human. When there’s food just left out, I usually figure it’s for me. But most of the time it ends up just being a cool toy.

Take today, for example. I saw a taco at the house, and it was huge! I wasn’t sure if it was meant for me, a snack that one of my humans forgot about, or a fresh new toy! The best way to test it out is to take a big ol’ bite!

Snacks Are the Best

Nothing beats a yummy midday snack! Snacks are the absolute best and they make each day a little better! It’s always nice to see what my humans surprise me with. Sometimes I’ll just wake up from a nice nap and have a bowl of bacon treats waiting for me! One time I came in after a long run around outside, only to find a cold, doggie-friendly fruit soup waiting for me! It was the best!

My humans always make sure I have the best to eat, and they always leave it where I can easily find it… that, of course, can make it a problem when I mistake stuff that isn’t food to be food. I am not proud of those mistakes, but they happen!

Why Make Toys Look Like Food?

I have to say that my worst mistake was mistaking my human’ phone case for a snack. She had this big, soft bacon phone case that looked like real strips of bacon! I’m drooling just remembering it.

She was browsing on her phone and texting, and it kinda looked like she was offering me the bacon! So I did what any dog would do, and I ran over to her and gave the bacon a big bite. I was so surprised when my bottom teeth sunk into soft plastic and my top teeth sunk into hard plastic! Needless to say, I didn’t get any bacon snacks for a long time after that mistake.

So I’ve tried to be extra diligent when there’s a new food snack in the house. I always make sure to sniff it and take gentle licks and bites. Don’t want a repeat of that phone incident! This has really helped minimize incidents of non-food bitings. It’s been better for everyone lately.

And of course, when the food moves, that’s a pretty big giveaway that it might not be food! I was able to save myself from biting into a ridiculously decorated Roomba because of that.

New Toy!

Well, take today’s toy! It’s a taco! At least, it sure looks like one. I see my humans eating these all the time. I can’t eat the outside part, but I’ve had the meat plenty of times. Yummy, yummy!

But… is it really just a toy? It’s moving, and… is that a dog’s face?

Well, I’ll need to give it the old taste test just to be sure that it’s perfectly safe. If it tastes like anything other than a delicious Mexican lunch, it might just be another toy. It’s way too heavy to move around comfortably, too! This is for sure not a snack.

Well, maybe next time! My humans always make delicious snacks, so I can be patient until the next treat!