Gentle Frenchie Plays With Tiny Newborn Pug Puppy

Houstone the Frenchie is playing with his little cousin Puglet the cleft palate pug. Puglet was recently diagnosed with ocular dysplasia and Houstone is extra careful with his little buddy.

What Is A French Bulldog Pug Mix Called?

A French Bulldog Pug Mix is called a Frug.

This dog is intelligent, loyal and loving. They need plenty of exercise but they are not hyper-active like some other breeds in their category. These dogs make wonderful indoor pets for families with children or people who have allergies because they do well around people and don’t bark much (if at all).

They also make great companion animals to take on walks – just be sure you bring their favorite toy!

French Bulldog and Pug

How Big Will A French Bulldog Pug Mix Get?

French Bulldogs and Pug mixes will typically grow to be between 10 and 12 inches tall. They are a relatively small breed of dog.

Pug French Bulldog Mixes are very smart and extremely loyal. They are the typical sweet ‘n’ silly dogs that love their people. They get along well with other animals, especially if they were raised with them.

French Bulldog

They tend to be lazy dogs but when you take them for walks they seem full of life and energy. If they are not walked, they can be hyper and may chew things up.

They are very affectionate dogs that love children of all ages. It’s important to remember that there is always a chance that some puppies will inherit more negative traits from one parent than positive ones.

For example, French Bulldog Pug mixes can inherit the flat face of the Pug, which can lead to breathing problems.

french bulldog and bulldog

Can You Mix A French Bulldog With A Pug?

Yes, but it’s best to take precautions.

Pugs are very playful and boisterous dogs that love human company. This is not an issue if you have another dog or cat in your home; pugs will happily share toys with other critters as long as they’re comfortable with it (and vice versa).

But if there’s no one around to keep them occupied, watch out! Pug/bulldog mixes can sometimes get too excited about things and end up hurting themselves by jumping too high or running headlong into something—especially since these two different types of animals both tend towards stubbornness.

french bulldog

How Much Is A Frenchie Pug?

A Frenchie Pug can cost anywhere from $700 to $1,500. This price will depend on the size of the pug and how much hair it has. The more hair, the higher price tag you are likely to see for this breed of dog!