Gentle Dog is Proud to Hold Bird Friend on His Paw

My favorite animals on this planet (besides my hoomans!) are birds. I just think they’re the coolest thing in the whole world!

I love to sit outside on the porch and watch them fly by. It always makes me wish that I could fly, too. How cool would it be to be able to soar up in the sky and watch the whole neighborhood from up there?

I bet birds have some pretty interesting stories about what they can see from the sky, but I’ve never been able to get close enough to one to talk to them. I think they’re scared of me.

But… what is this? Did my mom bring me a bird to meet in real life? Wow! They are so much prettier up close.

“Hi there little guy, I am a good boi. I won’t bite you, I promise!”

I really want to hold this winged boi. He isn’t floofy like I am, but he kind of looks like me. What if I’m secretly a bird? That would be so cool!

Okay, time to put my paw out and see if he will hop on over to me.

Alright there little birdy, just hop on over here and tell me about some of your cool stories!

I’ll just stick my paw out right here and you can slide on over.

Since you’re way up in the sky, can you tell me what is going on with the neighbor’s cat? Last week she was getting the spray bottle from her mom and I really want to know what happened. She probably did something super bad.

I don’t like that cat. When I was a puppy, I went over to say hi to her and she clawed my face for no reason! Cats are my least favorite animal, so I’m really invested in what’s going on.  You should fly over there and find out for me!

Oh wow! Look at that! He came right over onto my paw! This is the best day I have had in furever!

He is so heckin’ cute, he will make a good little brother. I have to ask my mom if we can keep him!

I’ll even let him sleep in my bed and I’ll make sure he doesn’t poop in anyones slippers. I’ll be the most responsible big brother ever to this little guy.

I really hope my mom says yes and lets him live here with us!