Fur Real? Life Sized Fake Dog From Shiba Inu’s Shedding Hair

Okay, so I know we just met, but can I be honest with you? I’ve got a slight problem. I, um, shed. Like a lot. Don’t laugh it off, it’s a real condition!

Well, my human is nice about it. They always clean up my extra fur as soon as they see it. I try my hardest to keep the fur from getting everywhere, but my kind human is on top of it! And today, they decided to make a funny joke about my shedding.

A fuzzy doggo toy was a genius idea! I mean, it looks just like a real dog, and is just as soft as one too! It reminds me of the big fluffy prizes people win at carnivals. Hey, human! Maybe you can make a bunch of these and sell them? Make some money off all this crazy hair I’m shedding. No need to thank me for the genius business idea, just make sure I get 60% of the profits!

Now, I do see a downside with these doggo plushies. They could create some serious competition between the toys and the real dogs. The dogs would be competing over who is the cutest! This could spell trouble for all those green-eyed puppers out there who want to be the apple of their owner’s eye.

Okay, I’m noticing another flaw in this business idea. You can take the plushies apart! Oh, this won’t do, not at all. We’ll need a special kind of glue or something to keep them together. How do the toy companies do it? We’ll need to talk to some manufacturers to sort this problem out!

In the meantime, we’ll use this as a publicity shot of how absolutely soft and cozy the plushies are – so soft your doggie will want to wear them as a hat!

It’ll be nice to finally see some use coming out of all this hair! Maybe I’ll start eating some hair-growth superfoods to boost production! Whaddya say? I bet no one’s ever heard of a doggie entrepreneur – guess I’ll have to be the first!

Well, this is just a prototype, right? So it should be okay if I do…. this!

Okay, not to toot my own horn, but this is some quality fur! Super soft, fun to play with, and makes for some adorable images. I can’t wait to see what the next version looks like. Human! Let’s get some factories on the phone and get this started!