White German Shepherd Motherly Cares For A Baby Goat

This baby Pygmy goat thinks that Shadow, a white German Shepherd is its mother and the dog is happy to cuddle and give the goat kisses.

They may say that dogs are man’s best friend…but who is to say that we can’t befriend other furry (and not-so-furry) creatures also?

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite unexpected companions to take a look at. You can’t be jealous of these other sweet friendships we’re creating!

1. Teddy the Toad thought climbing onto Arnold the Aussie would get him from point A to point B faster. Jokes on him, didn’t he take nap time into consideration?

Dogs and Frogs

2. Meanwhile, this larger guy is just fine getting some cuddles with his new Boxer friend.

Coming Out Of My Shell

3. Tucker the Golden Retriever wants to show his cheetah friend that sometimes, you can slow down and enjoy some self-care.

Fast Friends

4. “Iguana-know if there’s something on my head?”

Lizard Love

5. Rhonda the raccoon is ready to dumpster-dive, while Brady knows that he just has to look cute for his hooman to give up the treats.

Sniffing Around

6. “Oh no, they caught us nuzzling on camera. Act normal.”

Cold Cuddles

7. “Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? I’d like to cuddle with it, please.”

Lamb Love

8. “You know, you’re a funny-looking dog, but you sure know how to spoon.”

Chill Cow

9. They say Tom Brady is the GOAT, but we think this adorable pair are the true greatest of all time.

The G.O.A.T

10. This dog sure didn’t know what he was in for barking up this tree.

Bird BFF

11. We get it, fluffy bunny. We couldn’t resist sitting with such a cute pup, either.

Relaxed Rabbit

12. Just a happy dog with his main chick.

Cool Chicken

13. This red horse and border collie know how to give some serious side-eye while gossiping about their human counterparts.

Gone Ridin'

14. “We may not have similar noses, but both of these snoots still deserve to be booped.”

Little Emu

15. As they say, sharing is caring – especially when these gentle giants will let you join their exclusive dinner.

Elephant Fam

16. They say opposites attract, and the saying couldn’t be more true for this adorable grey cat and golden retriever couple. Just look at those faces!

Cuddle Buddies

17. This cute dog and chunky little piglet are enjoying a nice shady spot to stop from BACON out in the heat of the sun.

Precious Pig

18. “It’s called tug-o-war. Now eventually one of us has to let go, no donkey-ing around!”

Donkey Time

19. How darling is this duckling and its happy golden retriever friend? That’s what we call the epitome of unexpected #friendshipgoals.

Ducky Friends