Funny Bulldog Plays on Slippery Hammock in the Rain

I love being outside! Whether I’m playing fetch with my hooman, chasing the neighborhood kitties or lounging in the hammock, I never want to go inside. My hoomans always yell at me for getting in da hammock, but I say it needs to be put to good use. If they aren’t using it, why can’t I use it?!

The Struggle

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to get in da hammock. I’m a short little fella and my legs do not always want to cooperate with the rest of my body. However, us bulldogs are pretty self-sufficient pups! One day, I got it all by myself! I was so proud and excited that I could lounge in da hammock whenever I wanted to.

Playing in the Rain

Another favorite thing about the hammock is when it rains. While you may not want to sit in a wet hammock, it is actually sort of fun for us doggos. Think about it – if you have the right type of hammock, you can turn it into a mini slip and slide! It’s already set up, and you do not have to drag the hose out. All you have to do is wait for the rain, and voilà! This is easily an entire afternoon of fun for me. I wish my friends could come over and play with me too. They would have a ball!

Bulldogs and Water Don’t Always Mix

My owners are worrywarts sometimes! Us bulldogs have a history of not being able to swim. But that does not mean I can’t play in the rain! I can’t drown in the rain, right?! Because us bulldogs have such large heads and tiny backsides, we have a hard time doing the doggy paddle. You think it would come natural to us since, ya know, we are dogs…but it doesn’t.

Is It Time for a Nap?

One of my other most favoritest things is to nap! And when I say nap, I mean sleep all day long. Now, I’m a little more active than some of my bulldog friends…so make sure your bulldog is getting enough exercise! If they don’t want to get moving, encourage them with treatos and tough love. Mostly the treats, tho. We really do love treats.

 Ah, dat sure was fun. I hope it rains again soon!