French Bulldogs Playing with Balloons as Toddler Watches

Parties are the absolute best!! Birthday parties, holiday parties, summer parties, they’re all super fun! All my favorite humans are gathered together, there’s all sorts of pretty decorations, everyone is dressed up extra nicely, and there’s tons of stuff to play with!

Balloons are the best thing to play with out of all the other decorations the humans put up. They’re bouncy, they’re colorful, they’re shiny, and they keep getting smaller like some kind of magic toy! My best buddy here agrees that they’re the best.

The only downside is that you have to be suuuper careful with balloons. You can bite them or push too hard on them, or they’ll pop! And there is nothing worse than a popped balloon. It’s so loud and scary, it makes the human pups cry, and then that balloon is gone forever! So bouncing them and pushing them around are the way to go. And best of all, you can get other people involved when you play like that!

Catch and back-and-forth are the best games to play with a balloon. The trick is to catch the ballon when it’s coming your way, and SMACK! Hit the balloon as hard as you can! You have to try and not let it hit the floor, or you’re out of the game! Then you have to wait for everyone else to be out and the game to be over before you can get back in. Waiting is the worst part! Best to be careful and not let it fall at all.

And today may not be a party, but there’s still some balloons left over. And wow! I could do this all day! Who ever saw a ball that floats in the air like that? It’s the best. I always say you never can tell what humans are going to invent, they always come up with the neatest things that are so much fun to play with! Keep watching, friends, I’m going to keep playing with this fun ball for a long time- feel free to cheer me on!